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High Reliability Digital Attenuator

The KT109 is a GaAs pHEMT broadband, 7-bit digital attenuator with parallel control in a hermetic surface-mount technology (SMT) package for high reliability applications in harsh environments, including defense and satellite programs. This attenuator offers low insertion loss and excellent attenuation accuracy. It can be supplied and tested to the equivalent screening flow of MIL-PRF-38534 […]


Advanced Antenna Architectures and RF Semiconductors at the Intersection of SATCOM and 5G Technologies

by Doug Carlson, SVP & GM, RF & Microwave, MACOM The demand for high speed, broadband data connectivity continues unabated, and we are seeing revolutionary changes in fixed wired networks such as HFC and Fiber along with terrestrial wireless networks—from 4G to 5G—in order to meet this demand. As such, it was only a matter […]