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Two Techniques to Improve Spurious Levels in Pulsed RF Amplifiers

by Robert Richardson, Senior Engineer – dB Control Pulsed RF amplifiers are an integral part of many modern applications — including radar, electronic warfare (EW), medical imaging systems, and military communication. The accuracy of these systems relies on the fidelity of the pulsed RF signal. Specifically, a pulsed RF amplifier should behave as closely to […]

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PXI Reference Solution

The industry’s first PXI open radio test reference solution and a radio test audio library for military and public safety radios have been launched. The Keysight Reference Solution enables engineers to quickly evaluate and integrate core radio test measurement capabilities into validation, production or depot test systems. Designers and manufacturers of new radio equipment face […]


The Incredibly Ambitious Goals of 5G

by Barry Manz, President – Manz Communications, Inc. Even if you aren’t an ardent follower of trends in wireless communications, the coming fifth generation is hard to miss. 5G (along with the inevitable presence of IoT) was by any measure the Big News at Mobile World Congress, and the same promises to be true for IMS next […]