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No Vacuum Regarding Opinions for RF Power Amplification

by Scott Behan, Senior Marketing Manager – Qorvo Solid-state technology has been touted as being the replacement for vacuum tubes since Shockley, Bardeen and Brattain invented the transistor at Bell Labs. While this statement rapidly became a truism for digital and small signal circuits, vacuum electron devices (VEDs) have stubbornly maintained their hold on high-power […]

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Hermetically Sealed Relays

Designed for harsh inductive, motor and lamp load applications within the aerospace, defense and marine markets, the CII FC-325 Series relays are hermetically sealed devices excellent for extreme environments. The CII FC-325 Series is a 3-pole, 25 AMP, non-latching hermetically sealed relay that is all welded, lightweight, and boasts a higher capacity design than similar […]


5G, and Interference, Coming in 2020

by Sam Benzacar, President – Anatech Electronics If you’ve been following 5G in the media you’ve no doubt noticed a dramatic increase in coverage that began just before Mobile World Cup Congress in February. It’s almost like 5G was just around the corner rather than five years away, but if you dig into the details, it’s not hard […]