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Multi-Chip Module Design, Verification and Yield Optimization

by Shane Coffman, Senior Applications Engineer – AWR Group, NI Multi-technology-based module design incorporates different integrated circuit (IC) and printed circuit board (PCB) process technologies implemented with different design tools. To offer smaller devices with optimum performance, it is common for front-end module (FEM) manufacturers to integrate gallium arsenide (GaAs), silicon germanium (SiGe), or radio-frequency […]

Military Products

Coaxial Bi-Directional Coupler

The ZFBDC16-63HP+ is a coaxial high power, wideband bi-directional coupler supporting applications from 700 to 6000 MHz. This model is capable of handling up to 75W RF input power and provides high directivity, low mainline loss, and excellent return loss. The coupler comes housed in a rugged aluminum alloy case (2.00 x 2.00 x 0.88”) […]


Protecting Wirelessly Connected IoT Devices from Cyber Attacks

by Alan Grau, President – Icon Labs Wireless connectivity is a critical component for many new IoT devices.  The advantages are obvious, but what is perhaps not as obvious is the cyber threats that these devices are exposed to over these wireless networks. Reported hacks against IoT devices include things as diverse as remotely flushing IoT connected toilets, […]