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Microwave Circulators Evolve to Meet True Surface Mount Requirements of Advanced Systems

by Smiths Interconnect If it’s solving design challenges of directivity and throughput in 5G communications applications or providing enhanced anti-jamming and tracking agility, phased array antennas, or actively electronically steered arrays (AESAs), are essential to meeting the application demands of these emerging technologies. Phased array antennas and AESAs are now deployed in ground-based, aerospace, and […]

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Coaxial Voltage Variable Attenuators

A new line of voltage variable attenuators (VVAs) offers up to 60 dB of attenuation across a broad range of frequencies from 400 MHz to 18 GHz. These VVAs are frequently used in applications such as electronic warfare (EW), instrumentation, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radios, fiber optic and broadband telecom, microwave radio and VSAT, military radios, […]


The Millimeter-wave Frontier: 5G Changes Everything

by Tim Galla, Product Manager – Fairview Microwave Optimists in the microwave industry have long proclaimed that applications at 50 GHz and above were “just around the corner.” For a variety of reasons that’s where they’ve remained in the ensuing 30 years, with a few exceptions such as vehicle collision warning, battlefield radios, fire control radars, and some […]