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New Antennas Meet the Expanding Needs of the WISP Market

by KP Performance Antennas Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) have kept pace with technology from their roots as “mom-and-pop shops” to formidable service providers using technologies ranging from MIMO to LTE with performance competitive with cable and Fiber to the Home (FttH). Although often overshadowed by “flashier” technologies, antennas for WISP continue to advance in […]

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GaN Solid State S-Band Power Amplifier

The company’s line of GaN amplifiers provide high gain, high efficiency, and excellent stability, with excellent AM/PM and phase-noise performance. One of the latest introductions is the VSS3607, an S-band solid state GaN power amplifier that features 1.3 kW pulsed modules that can be power combined for higher peak power output, internal BIT circuitry via […]


5G…The Communications Game Changer

by Michael Brewster, Director, Global Business Development – Times Microwave Systems The introduction of 5G cellular technology will change the game in the telecom industry for many years to come. It utilizes the millimeter wave frequency spectrum to increase data for all users. It will significantly reduce the latency issues when compared to LTE technology. The overall coverage […]