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Body Worn Antennas

Model 1065-031 is a right-hand, circularly polarized (RHCP) antenna, while Model 1065-032 offers left-hand polarization (LHCP). Developed to offer high performance, rugged antenna options, the antenna radome housing is resistant to damage from drops, being stepped or jumped on, and other potential abuse. Both antennas are designed for use with handheld or body worn MIMO/MANET […]


Sustaining Growth Through Innovation in a Changing Industry

Harvey Kaylie, Founder and CEO, Mini-Circuits We’ve seen the market for RF/microwave products change in recent years.  Customer orders are more diverse, less predictable, and more time sensitive than ever.  Next-generation wireless applications and new customer demands require solutions for higher frequencies and greater levels of complexity, and suppliers need to innovate to help customers meet their […]