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Ultra-Rugged, Multi-Output Synthesizer

The THOR-16000-XA is a multi-output frequency Synthesizer with a single 800 MHz and dual 16 GHz RF outputs. The fully-custom hermetically-sealed package offers a low profile design for use in a hyper-velocity projectile system capable of withstanding extreme vibration and shock profiles, over 220 Gs. It locks to an external 50 MHz reference and exhibits […]


Cables, Connectors, and 5G: A Rosy Future

by Steve Ellis, Engineer – Pasternack Enterprises Like many of you I’ve been closely following the rising wave of media coverage about 5G and other emerging markets such as the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network, and IoT, as they will ultimately affect our business and the RF and microwave industry in general. The question of course is how, […]

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