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Receiver IC Blend Mixers, Synthesizers, and IF Amps

by Marc Goldfarb, Ben Walker, Russell Martin, Tom Bosia, Ed Balboni, and Dragoslav Culum, Analog Devices, Inc. Wireless base stations were once contained in large, climate controlled spaces—but now, they could be mounted anywhere. As wireless network service providers attempt to achieve coverage everywhere, the pressure is on base station component suppliers to provide more […]

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Voltage Variable Attenuator

The TGL2767-SM is a packaged wideband voltage variable attenuator using the company’s production 0.15um GaAs pHEMT process (QPHT 15). Operating from 2 to 31 GHz, the unit offers >20 dB of attenuation range with <2 dB insertion loss in the reference state. The TGL2767-SM’s broadband performance allows it to be a single solution for a […]


Test is Dead ­— Long Live Test

by Nigel Chapman, Director, Business Development, AceAxis Over many years working in cellular communications, we have rarely seen an era when so many aspects of the industry are in a state of flux as at the present time. With the industry striving to meet overwhelming demands for more data at a lower cost, and with ever more complex requirements […]