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VFTT – 3D Glass Solutions Inc.

Jeb Flemming, CTO, 3D Glass Solutions Inc. MPD: Millimeter wave frequencies will be used for cellular communications for the first time in 5G. What challenges and opportunities does this present for the microwave industry? JF: One of the biggest challenges for the telecommunications industry is the need to transition from large mmWave devices with high cost and […]

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Sentinel™ Intelligent Signal Scanning Recorder

The RTR 2613 combines the company’s intelligent signal scanning software with real-time recording in a lightweight, portable and rugged package. The unit allows SIGINT engineers to scan the 3 GHz spectrum for signals of interest and monitor or record instantaneous bandwidth up to 40 MHz once a signal of interest is detected. The RTR 2613 […]


Putting You in the Driver’s Seat on Bluetooth 5

by Mahendra Tailor, Technology Leader, Laird Technologies Bluetooth® 5 is a lot like the last upgrade I got to my smartphone. Does the latest phone have a lot of new bells and whistles that are pretty darn neat? Yes. Are all of those new features going to be useful to certain users? Yes, but there’s no way that […]