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Q-Band Low Noise Amplifier

The JDM1-38004200-40-10P is a low noise amplifier that operates in the Q-band, with a frequency range of 38 to 42 GHz. It provides true broadband performance with ultra-low noise level, and can be optioned for 30 dB of gain and +13 dBm of P1dB. The unit was designed for high efficiency and low power consumption, […]


Microwaves Meet the Cheese Steak Sandwich

by Barry Manz, President, Manz Communications, Inc. I recently came upon a folder I’ve been adding to on Google Drive called “IMS Sessions,” which contains PDF files showing all the technical sessions for the last 11 years. Scanning through them and then looking at this year’s program revealed some interesting insights and showed how far this industry has changed […]