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Challenges for Electronic Circuits in Space Applications: Part Two

by Chris Leonard, Analog Devices, Inc. Part 1 of this article examined the challenges engineers encounter in implementing circuits for space level applications. Challenges related to the reliability, radiation effects and the ability of electronic devices to tolerate harsh environmental conditions encountered in a constantly changing environment of outer space. We also surveyed the space […]

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Clad Metal Wire for High-Reliability Fuel Cells

Anomet Clad Metal Wire is metallurgically bonded with up to three layers to combine properties such as high conductivity with corrosion resistance or high strength with corrosion resistance and light weight. Suitable for use in high-reliability fuel cells and batteries, a typical application includes titanium-clad copper for corrosion resistance and high conductivity. Ideal for fabricating […]


Bringing Realistic EW System Testing In from the Field

by John Regazzi, co-CEO and CTO, Giga-tronics, Incorporated “Keeping ahead of the threat” is nothing new for the Electronic Warfare (EW) community. It’s been racing to win this contest for 70 years. What sets apart today’s scenario is the speed at which the race is being run. That is, complex new threats are appearing faster and AESA radars are […]