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    Computer-Aided Engineering of RF Circuits with LINC2 System and Circuit Simulation

    by Dale D. Henkes, ACS (all figures are at end of article) “The engineering profession applies the principles of mathematics, science, economics, ethics, and social sciences to use the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of mankind.”1     This description of the engineering profession, prefacing the undergraduate curriculum in a recent bulletin […]

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        Two-Stage Hybrid GaN Module

        The MAMG-100227-010C0L is a broadband two-stage GaN-on-Si hybrid power amplifier module in an air-cavity laminate package. A gold-plated copper heat sink is attached to the bottom side of the laminate substrate. The package can be accessed from the top or the bottom, allowing for “live bug” or “dead bug” mounting. Features include 28V operation, compact […]


          Fiber is Essential for 5G, but is there Enough?

          by Paul Hospodar, Fiber Optic Product Line Manager, Infinite Electronics  There’s been enough written about the 5G “wireless revolution” to fill an encyclopedia, but one of the least publicized technologies that will determine its success is wired, not wireless. I’m referring to optical fiber, without which the low latency and extremely high data rates promised […]