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New 8-Bit Digital Phase Shifters

New 8-Bit Digital Phase Shifters

A new series of 8-bit digital phase shifters is programmable over a full 360º range and can produce a discrete set of phase states of up to 255 total steps with 1.4º increments with a high level of accuracy and minimal phase shift error. These building block components cover broadband microwave and millimeter wave frequencies and are ideal for aerospace and defense radar and EW applications which involve phased-array antennas, phase discriminators, beam-forming networks and RF communication systems. These digital phase shifters offer the advantage of having a programmable 8-bit TTL logic interface where phase states can be precisely controlled. The highly integrated hybrid MIC design architecture offers the benefit of greater immunity to noise on control lines and gives more uniform performance from unit to unit, achieves a flatter phase response over a wider frequency bandwidth with higher power handling and improved linearity performance. There are four new models of digital phase shifters that cover frequency bands that range from 0.5 to 37 GHz. Typical phase shift error ranges from +/-0.9 to +/-5 degrees over 8 binary increments with fast switching speed performance from 30 to 450 nsec. Maximum input (CW) power varies from +10 to +30 dBm depending on the model.