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Telion 5W Wireless SDR Transceiver

Telion 5W Wireless SDR Transceiver

The Telion TR1300 is a high-speed, secure, 5W L-band (1350 to 1390 MHz) miniature SDR transceiver. It is a digital wireless data transceiver that can operate as a single frequency or as a frequency hopping device with user-programmable hopping pattern(s). Key features include 5W RF section and on-board cryptographic engine for extended range of secure data transfers; combined or separate RF Rx/Tx antenna ports that allow the SDR to be used with an external bilateral or unidirectional high power RF amplifier (amplifier controlling Tx blanking pulse is provided); novel dual RF PLL design that greatly reduces RF packet-to-packet switching time, thus maximizing RF channel bandwidth utilization efficiency, and multi-service user data support (accepts video, voice, telemetry, and C2 data packets). In addition to point-to-point/multipoint and TDMA network protocols, the TR1300 supports on-the-fly real time waveform alternation per application commands in six dimensions: slot allocation/size, modulation type, RF data rate (100+ steps), output power level, error-correction type, and packet-by-packet cryptography.