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Electromechanical Relay Transfer Switches

Electromechanical Relay Transfer Switches

A line of electromechanical relay transfer switches covers frequencies from DC to 40 GHz and features exceptional performance with low insertion loss and high isolation levels. This product line consists of 43 unique electromechanical relay transfer switches that can be utilized for numerous applications to increase system level capabilities and help simplify the overall design approach. With two input and two output ports, these coaxial transfer switches can connect two different instruments with two devices under test. Furthermore, these RF switches can be used as “drop-out switches” for signal reversal or to bypass a component under test. These relay switches are popular in military communications, broadcast systems, SATCOM, test & measurement, and instrumentation applications. Both +12V and +28V transfer switch designs offer a variety of features which include latching or failsafe actuators, indicators, self-cut-off, TTL logic, and suppression diodes. Package outlines are compact and ruggedly built, supporting SMA, N-Type, TNC or 2.92mm connectors.