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X5 Frequency Multiplier

X5 Frequency Multiplier

The RMK-5-51+ is a cost-effective X5 frequency multiplier that utilizes specially selected silicon Schottky diodes and compatible filter circuitry to achieve a low conversion loss, yet has a high rejection of unwanted harmonics (50 dBc typ.) near its F5 output. It makes the RMK-5-51+ ideal for a wide range of applications. The tiny plastic case, 0.25 x 0.31 x 0.16”, is aqueous washable and RoHS compliant. It is internally balanced to 50 ohms in/out, with no DC power required, which saves PCB space and simplifies application design. The unit’s <23 dB conversion loss makes it an efficient choice for multiplying a 10 MHz source to 50 MHz output while maintaining reasonable signal power, especially for reference crystal oscillators. Only 13 dBm input required for -10 dBm output for low-loss systems such as instrumentation and ISM. Output is 37.5 to 52.5 MHz.