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High Power Amplifier

High Power Amplifier

The PE15A5033F high power amplifier generates 100W typical saturated output power over a broad frequency range that covers 0.7 to 2.7 GHz. This class A/AB design is unconditionally stable and utilizes highly efficient GaN technology for superior linear performance that supports a variety of input signal formats, including CW, AM, FM, PM, and Pulse with power added efficiency (PAE) of 30% typical. Additional key performance features of this high power amplifier includes 45 dB minimum small signal gain, +/-1.5 dB typical gain flatness @ Psat, and an impressive harmonic suppression level of -20 dBc typical. To ensure highly reliable thermal management, the amplifier module incorporates a heatsink and cooling fan that maintains an optimum baseplate temperature of 0 to +50ºC, with automatic shutdown capability at 85ºC. The package assembly supports SMA-female RF connectors at the input and output ports and a D-Sub connector with control functions that include +30 Vdc bias, current monitoring and TTL logic blanking. Another primary advantage of this amplifier is its rugged design platform capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions, including humidity, altitude, shock and vibration.