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Waveguide Bends

Waveguide Bends

A new line of waveguide bends operates from 5.85 to 90 GHz across 12 frequency bands (from C- to W-band). These waveguide bends are frequently used in applications such as high efficiency RF, test benches, instrumentation, microwave and mm-wave transmissions, MILCOM, SATCOM, radar and telecom. Precision waveguide bends are used to protect the strength of the transmission signal in waveguide systems that require a signal to turn or bend 90º. These waveguide bends boast low loss and VSWR as low as 1.08:1, and are available in both E-plane and H-plane configurations. They are constructed with gold plated, oxygen-free hard copper (OFHC) or painted copper alloy, depending on the model. The bends are also offered with either a CPR-style flange or a UG-style flange per the military standard. There are 30 unique models offered from stock Sizes range from WR-137 (5.85 GHz) to WR-12 (90 GHz) and most models are RoHS compliant.