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Gen 9 LDMOS RF Transistors and Pallets

Gen 9 LDMOS RF Transistors and Pallets

A complete line-up of RF power transistors and pallets based on the latest Gen9 LDMOS process technology has been released. Available power levels include 50W drivers up to 400W finals. Aimed at a broad range of S-band radar for pulsed RF applications, the enhanced power density attributes of Gen 9 meet the specific needs of the aerospace and defense industry for size, weight, power, plus cost and reliability (SWaP-CR). This process technology has excellent ruggedness characteristics, capable of operating up to a VSWR 10:1, coupled with a high efficiency. The high power density aspects of Gen 9 and optimized die design also ensure that package size can be kept as small as possible; this helps to reduce the overall PA size, a factor increasingly important in today’s space constrained designs. The devices are packaged in an SOT502 format measuring 20.6 x 9.8 x 4.1mm. The modular RF power block pallet solutions, with dimensions of 3.5 x 5.5cm and weight of 85g, provide a perfect combination of known good design and trusted and proven technology, together with a low pricepoint that results in savings, both in terms of development costs and manufacturing lead times and cost savings.