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HandFlex™ BNC Interconnect Cables

HandFlex™ BNC Interconnect Cables

The 141-8BM+ HandFlex interconnect cable is ideal for interconnection of a wide variety of cable assemblies from DC to 3 GHz. BNC-Male connectors at both ends are ideal for making secure connections in assemblies using BNC connector types. Tight minimum bend radius of 8mm makes these cables perfect for installations in tight spots, and hand formable cable construction allows easy bending to almost any shape without special bending tools often needed in semi-rigid cable assemblies. This model is eight inches in length and provides 24 dB return loss at 3 GHz, 0.2 dB insertion loss at 3 GHz, and 180W power handling at 3 GHz. The 141-series HandFlex interconnect cables come in a variety of lengths and connector configurations to meet your needs for everything from military and aerospace systems to environmental test chambers and more.