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New Oscillators Deliver Low Phase Noise

New Oscillators Deliver Low Phase Noise

A new line of compact waveguide Gunn diode oscillators is tunable and generates signal levels that exhibit low phase noise at popular K- and Ka-band frequencies. They incorporate high performance devices and machined aluminum cavities. Due to the extremely high external Q and temperature compensation mechanism, these oscillators exhibit excellent frequency and power stability, lower phase noise and higher anti-load pulling characteristics. There are two models in this series: the PEWGN1001 model is a K-band waveguide Gunn oscillator module that generates a center frequency of 24.125 GHz with a tuning range of +/-1.0 GHz, and the PEWGN1000 model, that generates a Ka-band center frequency of 35 GHz with a tuning range of +/-3.0 GHz. Both models incorporate self-locking tuning screws. Performance specifications include phase noise as low as -98 dBc/Hz typical at 100 KHz offset and frequency stability as low as -0.2 MHz/ºC maximum. The output power of these oscillators is +10 dBm min. with power stability of -0.03 dB/ºC maximum. Bias supply is +5 to +5.5 Vdc at 200 to 250mA typical with an operating temperature range of -40 to +85ºC.