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High Power, Broadband GaN SSPA

High Power, Broadband GaN SSPA

Model number SSPA 6.0-18.0-30 is a high power, multi-octave bandwidth GaN solid state power amplifier (SSPA). This amplifier operates from 6 to 18 GHz and delivers 30W of saturated power to the load typically. At 18 GHz, the power rolls off to a typical magnitude of 20W. It is designed to be employed in any system where high power and decent efficiency are required across a large frequency spectrum. This broadband SSPA is packaged into a rugged housing that can be used in high shock and vibration environments. Typical small signal gain is 45 to 55 dB and typical power gain is 40 to 45 dB. The composite power added efficiency with a CW input is ~15% at the low end of the band, ~20% in the middle of the band, and tails off to ~7.5% at 18 GHz. There is a PA Enable command that is used to gate the PA on and off. Employing this signal, the SSPA can be gated on in 40 uSec maximum and off in 10 uSec maximum. A logic high turns the PA on. A logic low or open circuit will gate the PA off. Standard features include reverse polarity protection, output short and open circuit protection, and over/under voltage protection. This power amplifier module operates from -40 to +70ºC base plate temperature.