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Precision-Engineered ½” Rotary Switch

Precision-Engineered ½” Rotary Switch

The multi-function MR50 offers precision selection with up to 16 selector positions that offer excellent tactile feedback, even when the user is wearing gloves. Boasting a zinc die-cast housing with nickel plating, solid gold contacts, and a robust stainless steel shaft, as well as the optional IP68 front panel sealing, the MR50 provides the required reliability in extreme conditions. Switching torques are selectable at either 3 Ncm or 6 Ncm, depending on the user’s preferences. The robust MR50 switches are also cost-effectively customizable, even in smaller quantities. Users select between round and D-shaft configurations as well as the length of the shaft. Standard switch configurations include 10 and 16 positions, with shorting or non-shorting contact arrangements available regardless of the number of positions. Operating temperature range is -45 to +85ºC (IEC 60068-2-14). The standard MR50 version is currently 1-pole, however, 2- and 3-pole versions are planned. The series meets humidity, vibration, and shock to MIL-STD-202G standards.