MPD Fully Functioning During the Covid-19 Emergency

We just thought we’d let all of you know that it is business as usual at Octagon Communications and MPD. All necessary precautions have been taken, and, as several of our staffers already work remotely, the office is open for business until we are told otherwise.

The March issues of MPD and MMD will arrive on schedule, and of course our website and the digital edition will continue to be available.

Feel free to contact any of us with questions or concerns!

We hope that you and your families are safe and healthy.

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Broadband Ceramic Capacitors

Broadband Ceramic Capacitors

The 01005BB broadband 100nF ceramic capacitors are the industry’s smallest 100nF broadband part characterized for RF performance. Case size (mils) is 16 x 8 x 8, and they offer resonant-free RF coupling/DC blocking from 16 kHz (lower 3 dB frequency) to beyond 65 GHz with <1 dB insertion loss and <-15 dB return loss on suitable substrates. The 01005BB is rated at a DC working voltage (WVDC) of 4.0 and is available in a nickel-tin termination.

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