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GPGPU Evaluation System

GPGPU Evaluation System

Offering the most advanced GPGPU-based supercomputing technologies, the company has released an NVIDIA Jetson Xavier-based evaluation system that comes preinstalled with Linux. The low-power EV178 gives embedded engineers a reliable platform to quickly develop artificial intelligence (AI) applications and port those solutions to the high-powered A178 Thunder, the company’s soon-to-be-released, NVIDIA Jetson Xavier-based, rugged, fanless AI GPGPU supercomputer. This new evaluation system processes at up to 11 TFLOPS (Terra floating point operations per second) and 22 TOPS (Terra operations per second). Several critical elements come standard in the EV178 to help reduce system costs and development time as well as solve early-adopter integration issues. It comes with preinstalled Linux L4T (Linux for Tegra) software as well as video capture and I/O drivers and sample applications in addition to a composite or HD-SDI frame grabber and all the necessary cabling to start the development process right out of the box.