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S-Band Power Amplifier

S-Band Power Amplifier

The TTRM1123 is a high power, bi-directional amplifier (BDA) that utilizes the latest LDMOS technology to provide over 60W of linear power in S-band. The unit is designed to be integrated into any system that requires high power, high efficiency, and high linearity in the entire 2200 to 2500 MHz band. In transmit mode, the amplifier provides 28 dB of small signal gain and can produce over 10W of 64 QAM QFDM power across the band. In receive mode, the unit has 11 dB of small signal gain with a noise figure of 2 dB. The unit can be configured to auto switch to transmit when RF is present at the radio port, or manual mode when the radio controls the switching. The small unit measures just 5.38 x 4.39 x 1.31” and is available with an integral heatsink. RF connectors are TNC Female, and the DC connector is 10 pin Circular Locking. The amplifier runs off of +28 Vdc. The module will operate from -40 to +80ºC baseplate. The amplifier is designed and tested to withstand MIL-STD-810 shock and vibration requirements along with humidity and IP-67 immersion.