MPD Fully Functioning During the Covid-19 Emergency

We just thought we’d let all of you know that it is business as usual at Octagon Communications and MPD. All necessary precautions have been taken, and, as several of our staffers already work remotely, the office is open for business until we are told otherwise.

The March issues of MPD and MMD will arrive on schedule, and of course our website and the digital edition will continue to be available.

Feel free to contact any of us with questions or concerns!

We hope that you and your families are safe and healthy.

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Underwater Connectors

Underwater Connectors

Innovative products for very-high-pressure and low-pressure are the company’s specialty, and it has just released connectors that can be mated underwater. For maximum safety and service life, the connectors, known as wet-mate, feature a special method of ejecting water from the connector interface, thus reducing the possibility of short-circuits or contact corrosion. The M series connectors, widely recognized as the most robust underwater dry-mate connectors, are made from “marine” bronze because of its resistance to corrosion and biofouling. They are also available in stainless steel (31L), titanium, and Super Duplex, a stainless steel with a high chromium content for even longer immersion times. These connectors, initially developed for military applications, provide extreme resistance to straining or transverse forces on the cables, as well as vibration and shock. For cable termination, sealing is ensured in several ways: for example, with a cable gland (pressure resistance up to 100 bar/1500 Psi). This method eliminates the need for any resin glue or potting, so it has the advantage of being repairable. It can withstand depths of about -1000 meters. For waterproofing down to -7000 meters, overmolding is preferred. These connectors are designed for applications such as remotely operated underwater robots, commercial diving, offshore oil wells, and military submarines. A new version of the M+ connectors has just been announced for depths down to -7000 meters (pressure resistance up to 700 bar/4350 Psi on open face and coupled connectors), currently available in size 10 and in size 14. The company has developed them to respond to the evolving requirements of the ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) and UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicle) submarine robot markets.