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Ultra-Thin Coaxial Splitter/Combiner

ZN6PD1-63SMP+ is a coaxial 6-way 0º splitter/combiner supporting a wide range of applications from 600 to 6000 MHz. It is capable of handling up to 20W RF input power as a splitter and provides 2 dB insertion loss, 20 dB isolation, 8 to 10º phase unbalance, 0.8 dB amplitude unbalance, and DC current passing up […]

UltraCMOS® RF SOI Switches

Now available with full design support capabilities are two new UltraCMOS RF SOI switches from Peregrine Semiconductor. The PE42525 and PE42625 are HaRP™ technology-enhanced reflective SPDT RF switch die that support a wide frequency range from 9 kHz to 60 GHz. They deliver low insertion loss, high isolation, and a fast switching time of 8 […]

Multi-Octave 2-Way Power Dividers

The company has expanded its extensive power divider line to include a variety of multi-octave 2-way Wilkinson power dividers, which are optimized for excellent performance covering 3.0 to 5.0 GHz (Model 802-2-4.000-M01), 2.0 to 8.0 GHz (802-2-5.000), and 8.0 to 18.0 GHz (802-2-13.000). Typical specs include isolation of 25 dB, VSWR of 1.25:1, 0.3 dB […]

Single-Phase Inverter

The flowSOL 0 BI (TL) single-phase inverter is efficient, reliable, and robust, ideal for single-phase solar and power supply applications. This innovative new module features a combination booster and H6.5 configuration engineered to enable three-level operation. It is rated for 650V/20A and its chipset is optimized for 25 kHz. VINCOTECH (0)

Square Air Coils for Surface Mount

Design and sales support is now available for an expanded offering of SMD square air coils from Frontier Electronics. The LSQ1111A – LSQ2929A series offers a higher current rating (up to 5.7A), an inductance range of 27nH to 500nH, and SRF values as high as 2.6 GHz. They are designed primarily for use in RF […]

SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi Network Processor

The CC3120 SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi Network Processor from Texas Instruments (TI) is an Internet-on-a-chip™ device comprised of a wireless network processor and power management subsystems, featuring a dedicated ARM® Cortex®-M3 microcontroller. Ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. MOUSER ELECTRONICS (0)

IP67 Rated Power Supplies

The PS MK Series AC-DC power supplies offer output power from 10 up to 35W in very compact IP67 rated fully encapsulated enclosures. They are ideal for use in harsh environments and are supplied with AC lead in and DC lead out that can be fitted with a variety of connectors to suit the customer’s […]

Surface-Mount Directional Coupler

The RDC-10-122-75X is a 75 ohm surface-mount directional coupler with 10 dB coupling from 5 to 1250 MHz, supporting upstream and downstream bandwidth requirements for DOCSIS® 3.1 systems and equipment. It provides 1.2 dB mainline loss, 20 dB return loss, 20 dB directivity and excellent coupling flatness of +/-0.1 dB across its full frequency range. […]

IoT Carrier Acceptance Test System

The R&S TS-290 IoT carrier acceptance test system is a flexible test system for the Cat. 1 device category. Based on the test plan, the system provides RF, protocol and performance tests on a single platform. It will be capable of supporting future IoT tests from other network operators, dependent on the required test scope. […]

SMA Straight Male RF Connector

Model 3207-1-1 is a SMA Straight Male RF connector for semi-rigid/ultra-flex-solder RG402, M17/130, .141, 50 ohm, covering DC to 18 GHz. Gold, solder to body, center contact and insulator provided. COAXICOM (0)