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The Case for RF & Microwave Core Test Systems

Cut development, manufacturing, and documentation time and cost by Bob Twiggs, Vice President, Business Development, In-Phase Technologies Systems designed today are more complex than ever and harder to test. Test engineers are faced with finding budget money to face the most challenging obstacles. For example, what happens when a new GaAn-rich macroherz super-dynamic phase correlating […]

Miniature SPDT Switch

This new addition to the company’s line of miniature SPDT switches is offered in a unique package with connectors in a “T” configuration for ease of connection/mating at the system level, and is a perfect drop-in replacement for pin diode switches. It is offered in both surface mount and connectorized versions and operates from DC […]

Universal Real-Time Clock Module

Small and highly precise are the key characteristics of the new RTC-module, RV-8263-C7. Accepting a large supply voltage range and small current consumption makes it ideal for wearable and IoT applications. Its tiny package (3.5 x 1.5 x 0.8mm) hosts the resonator crystal and the RTC-circuit. MICRO CRYSTAL AG (6)

SP4T Reflective PIN Diode Switch

The MASW-011087 is a high power, symmetrical SP4T switch utilizing the company’s AlGaAs PIN diode technology. This broadband (14 to 38 GHz), reflective switch was developed for Ka-band applications that require up to 30 dBm (1W) power handling while maintaining low insertion loss, high isolation, and fast switching speed.   MACOM (7)

Bi-Directional Amplifier

The TTRM1210-D01 is a 30 to 2700 MHz wideband, high efficiency bi-directional amplifier that has a maximum output power of 8W, while only consuming a total of 24W of DC power. It features automatic Tx/Rx switching, wide voltage input range, as well as over and under voltage protection. TRIAD RF SYSTEMS (7)

Seven-Way Uneven Power Divider

Model APD-7-328M335R5M-TNC is a 7-way power divider that operates over the frequency range of 328 to 335.5 MHz. It has a maximum insertion loss of 1.2 dB and a minimum isolation of 20 dB. This model is outfitted with TNC female connectors in a hermetic/con-formal coated housing measuring 7.500 x 6.000 x 0.945”. PLANAR MONOLITHICS […]

Ultra-Wideband Low Noise Amplifier

ZVA-24443G1+ is an ultra-wideband coaxial low noise amplifier supporting a wide range of high frequency applications from 24 to 44 GHz. It provides 45 dB gain with +/-2.5 dB flatness, 1.7 dB noise figure, and P1dB of +20 dBm. It operates over a single positive supply voltage range of +9 to +15V.  MINI-CIRCUITS (5)

Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier

Now available with full design support capabilities is an ultra-low noise amplifier from WanTcom. At +12V DC operation, the unconditionally stable WBA0180210A offers 0.27 noise figure, with 27 dB of gain and +10 dBm P1dB. Frequency range is 180 to 210 MHz. Designed for MRI and RF T&M applications. RICHARDSON RFPD (9)

Reflectionless Low Pass Filter

Model XLF-662M+ is a MMIC reflectionless low pass filter with a passband from DC to 6000 MHz and stopband from 9200 to 26000 MHz. It provides 1.3 dB passband insertion loss, 1.2:1 passband VSWR, stopband rejection of 30 dB from 9200 to 14000 MHz and 36 dB from 14000 to 26000 MHz. Its 1.3:1 typical […]

Two-Way DC Blocking Power Divider

Model DC802-2-3.300WWP is a 2-way broadband DC blocking weatherproof divider. Blocking DC on all ports covering 0.600 to 6.000 GHz, encompassing Public Safety through ISM bands. Typical performance includes VSWR of 1.25:1, isolation of 22 dB, insertion loss of .6 dB, and exceptional amplitude and phase balance of 0.3 dB and 5º maximum. MECA ELECTRONICS […]