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High-End Wideband I/O Data Recorder

The R&S IQW wideband I/Q data recorder can be used to record signal scenarios typically required in test cases at a bandwidth up to 512 MHz and high sampling rates. The solution records wideband RF signals and reproduces them to simulate real-world test environments, enabling realistic, repeatable device tests in the lab.  ROHDE & SCHWARZ […]

Updated Ceramic Capacitors

The 2225C/P and 3838C/P series of Hi-Q, low ESR, multilayer ceramic capacitors now have an increased operating temperature qualified to 200ºC. These capacitors exhibit low ESR/ESL, low noise, high RF power, and high self-resonance, as well as ultra-stable performance over temperature.  PASSIVE PLUS, INC. (2)

Removable Vertical Launch Connectors

This new series of solderless vertical launch connectors consists of 12 models that provide VSWR as low as 1.3:1 and maximum operating frequency of up to 50 GHz, depending on the model. They boast a reusable clamp attachment and can be used for microstrip or stripline. Available in male and female versions.  PASTERNACK (4)

Low Current MMIC Amplifier

EHC-24L+ is a low current, wideband gain block with an operating frequency range from DC to 20 GHz. It draws just 19.1mA of DC current and provides 13 dB typical gain with +/-1.1 dB flatness up to 10 GHz and +/-2.7 dB flatness up to 20 GHz. The unit delivers P1dB of +6.8 dBm and […]

Spring Base Mounted UHF Antenna

Design and sales support is now available for a Southwest Antennas’ half-wave, dipole antenna. Part number 1001-201 is designed to support permanent ground communication stations or temporary installations for short-term communication networks in the 340 to 470 MHz frequency range.  RFMW, LTD. (3)

Fiber Will Enable 5G and a Lot More

by Mark Hearn, Product Manager, Milestek It may seem ironic that the success of a next-generation wireless technology depends on the availability of a wired counterpart, but without adequate fiber-optic resources 5G simply will not be able to deliver its vast benefits. While that may not be a news flash for many, what may not […]

Wideband Digital Step Attenuator

ZX76-15R5A-PN+ is a coaxial digital step attenuator with an attenuation range from 0 to 15.5 dB in 0.5 dB steps and a wide frequency range from DC to 4 GHz. The device operates on a dual +3V/-3.3V supply and features a 5-bit parallel control interface. Its control lines are buffered by Schmitt triggers, allowing a […]

LTE-A Pro Embedded Modules for IoT

Now available with full design support is a new 4G/LTE embedded cellular module from Sierra Wireless. The EM7565 offers global 4G/LTE coverage on 24 LTE bands. It provides uplink speeds up to 150 Mbps, downlink speeds up to 600 Mbps, and support for carrier aggregation and 256 QAM. The module also supports LTE-LAA and 3.5 […]


PL-259 connectors have been added to the company’s selection of in-stock components. They are frequently used for amateur or ham radio applications. The UHF Male connectors with silver plating and Teflon® dielectric for RG8 and RG213 coaxial are especially suited for these applications.   RF SUPERSTORE  (4)

Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

CoaxStrip 6580 features powerful drives that deliver an excellent performance increase of 20 percent and a significant increase in blade life. Highlights of this coaxial cable stripping machine include increased stripping quality and newly implemented processing functions, enabling a reduction in operating costs.  SCHLEUNIGER (4)