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Directional Coupler

Model C-1185-dB is a new directional coupler that covers 500 MHz to 18.5 GHz in a continuous band with high directionality and typical +/-0.5 dB passband ripple. It is available in coupling values of 10, 15, 20, and 30 dB with SMA Female connectors. Designed, assembled, and tested in the USA. WERBEL MICROWAVE  (6)

Two-Channel Switch Filter Bank

Model 2SFB-8G26G-CD-SFF Rev C is a 2-channel switch filter bank providing a low-pass filter that passes 8.62 to 8.70 GHz with a rejection band of 17.24 to 17.4 GHz. In by-pass mode, it passes signals from 8.0 to 26.5 GHz. This unit is powered by a +5V single supply and the control logic is TTL/CMOS […]

Automotive-Qualified Linear LNA

GRF4002-W, a new addition to the company’s growing list of AEC-Q100 automotive-qualified linear LNAs, is targeted at high-volume LNA/driver applications, with compensators and second-stage satellite radio LNAs being prime examples. Offered in an ultra-small 1.5 x 1.5mm DFN-6 package.  GUERRILLA RF (6)

SMA Quick-Connect Adapter

The new SMA Quick-Connect adapter, a straight jack to straight plug configuration, is a precision machined 50 ohm adapter that allows for quick and easy mating with all existing threaded SMA jack and plug connectors. It easily converts any standard SMA Plug test cable into a Quick-Connect cable without compromising the electrical integrity of the […]

MT8000A 5G Tester

With its cutting-edge NSA and SA modes, the all-in-one Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A supports sub-6 GHz and mmWave RF tests, as well as protocol tests for development of advanced 5G technologies, such as 4×4 MIMO, to increase data speeds in the sub-6 GHz band. ANRITSU COMPANY (3)

Mismatch Terminations

A new series of coaxial mismatch 5W terminations operates up to 2 GHz, which provides a quick and easy method of checking or verifying the performance of a microwave system. The terminations offer VSWR values of 1.0:1, 1.25:1, 1.5:1, 1.75:1, 2.0:1, and 3.5:1, and can be specified with Type N connectors.   MECA ELECTRONICS (3)

Vector Phase Shifter

Model PS-2G18G-360-8D is a 2.0 to 18.0 GHz 8-Bit vector phase shifter, making it ideal for frequency translation where continuous monotonic phase shifting is required. This model also features high speed switching and typically lower than 60 dB harmonic distortion. Phase shift range is 360º. PLANAR MONOLITHIC IND. (3)

Waveguide Bandpass Filter

Working with Virginia Diodes, the companies offer a new series of high-performance, high-fidelity waveguide bandpass filters for millimeterWave applications. WVBP-series filters are available in various passbands spanning 27 to 86 GHz, and are offered with standard WR waveguide interfaces. MINI-CIRCUITS (3)

MMIC Die Testing Made Easy with Ultra-Wideband 0 dB Attenuator (Thru-Line) Die

by Mini-Circuits I. Introduction: Microwave hybrid circuitry is generally built by integrating several discrete die via wire bonding.  Circuit designers are faced with the task of predicting the performance of hybrids, which comes with some specific challenges.  Most RF/microwave MMIC dice are built with “ground-signal-ground” bonding pads at each of the RF ports to correspond […]

Coaxial Directional Coupler

Model ZCDC10-01263+ is an extremely wideband, DC-passing directional coupler with operating frequency range of 1 to 26.5 GHz. It provides 10 dB coupling with flatness of +/-0.4 dB across the frequency range, and typical directivity of 16 dB through 26.5 GHz. It can handle signal power levels up to 20W with low mainline loss of […]