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Wideband Double-Balanced Mixers

A new portfolio of wideband double-balanced mixers, the MAMX Series covers the 8 to 43 GHz and 18 to 46 GHz frequency ranges. Delivering low conversion loss, high linearity, and a wide intermediate frequency bandwidth, the new mixers are ideally suited for next-gen T&M, microwave radio, and radar applications. MACOM (49)

Type N Connectors

These Type N connectors are medium size, moderate power handling, 50 ohm impedance connectors with a 5/8”-24 threaded coupling. The standard series provides excellent electrical and mechanical performance for critical applications up to 11 GHz. When properly mated, they provide a weatherproof connection. COAXICOM (21)

MASTERLINE 230V AC Cable System

This one-of-a-kind hybrid cabling system solution for remote radio installations, the MASTERLINE Ultimate Hybrid High Voltage (MLUH HV), tackles the increasing power and expansion challenges faced as 5G approaches. The pre-connectorized factory-sealed solution, the MLUH HV, has the features of the MASTERLINE Ultimate Hybrid, yet offers a slimmer, lighter, and more flexible solution. The cable […]

New ultra-low profile filters are designed for airborne applications up to 30 GHz. Gull wing pins are available for lower frequency discrete component designs, and axial or radial pins in flatpack combine and interdigital packages are used for higher frequency designs. Package heights are as low as 0.125” and weights are as low as 15g.  […]

Real-Time Oscilloscopes

The Infiniium UXR series are said to be the only oscilloscopes to support terabit research with real-time bandwidth up to 110 GHz industry-leading sample rate (256 GSa/s) and signal integrity (lowest noise and jitter). Its performance accelerates time-to-market for breakthrough developments in PAM-4, 5G, and optical. KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES (5)

Low Current MMIC Amplifier

EHA-163L+ is a low current, wideband gain block that operates from DC to 16 GHz with 15 dB gain and +/-0.75 dB flatness up to 12 GHz. It is well matched to 50 ohms with input/output return loss of 10 dB or better up to 16 GHz without the need for any external matching components. […]

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle DC/DC Converter Design and Test Challenges

by  Mike Hawes, R&D Planning Manager for Automotive and Energy Solutions, Keysight Technologies, Inc. The latest news continues to support extensive investments and development in vehicle electrification as hybrid (HEV) and electric vehicle (EV) sales grow (Figure 1). Some of the major market constraints for EV growth are being addressed by recent EV introductions from […]

High Resolution Digital Attenuator

The LDA-906V digital attenuator is a highly accurate, bidirectional, 50 ohm step attenuator. It provides calibrated attenuation from 200 to 6000 MHz with an amazing step size of 0.1 dB and typical accuracy <0.25 dB over 90 dB of control range. Easily programmable for fixed attenuation, swept attenuation ramps and fading profiles directly from the […]

New 44 GHz SPDT Switches

The ADRF5024 and ADRF5025 are 44 GHz SPDT switches in advanced SOI technology. They are broadband, with the ADRF5024 yielding flat frequency response from 100 MHz to 44 GHz, while the ADRF5025 from 9 kHz to 44 GHz, with repeatable characteristics better than 1.7 dB insertion loss and 35 dB channel to channel isolation. Both […]

Frequency Discriminator

Model FD-30M-6M-1515 is a frequency discriminator that operates at a center frequency of 30 MHz. It has a peak to peak bandwidth of 10 MHz and a linear bandwidth of 6 MHz minimum with a dynamic range of -10 to 0 dBm. The sensitivity into 50 ohms is 1000mV/Hz, and the device offers a maximum […]