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Low Power, Front End Module

Design and sales support is now available for a low power, front end module from Skyworks Solutions. The SKY68001-31 is an LTE, universal, multi-band FEM for Cat-M, NB-IoT, smart energy, and asset tracking applications. It features an integrated multi-band power amplifier, antenna switch, MIPI® controller, Tx filter, Rx filter, and output matching. Transmit power is […]

Coaxial 75 Ohm Diplexer

Model ZDPL-4254-75-F+ is a coaxial 75 ohm diplexer with a low pass channel from 5 to 42 MHz and a high pass channel from 54 to 1700 MHz, supporting DOCSIS 3.1 standard test systems with extended range. It provides excellent return loss (20 to 24 dB typ.) over extended frequency. Size is 1.25 x 1.25 […]

Dual-Polarized Reflector Dish Antennas

Two new dual-polarized feed horn reflector dish antennas are ideal for point-to-point and CPE applications. They have an adjustable bracket that allows for vertical/horizontal or +/-45º slant polarization schemes and deliver 27 dBi and 30.5 dBi, respectively. Both operate in the 4900 to 5900 MHz range.  KP PERFORMANCE ANTENNAS (49)

Ultra-Low Power RTC-Module

The RV-3028-C7 Real-Time Clock Module sets the new benchmark for lowest power consumption, 40 nA at a supply of 3V. Its high accuracy of +/-1 ppm at room temperature eliminates any calibration during manufacturing. Extreme low power consumption allows use of MLCC capacitors to cover the back-up time.   MICRO CRYSTAL AG (16)

Ultra Broadband Coupler

The RMCO13.2-50.24f coupler covers the 1 to 50 GHz band, offering typical electrical performance of 2.8 dB maximum insertion loss, VSWR of 1.80:1 (max.), and minimum isolation of 10 dB. Power handling is 16W and the unit is operational over the -55 to +105ºC range.  RESPONSE MICROWAVE (15)

Low Noise Amplifier

The MAAL-011139 is an RF amplifier assembled in a SOT-89 plastic package. In a 75 ohm CATV application, the amplifier provides 21.5 dB of flat gain while biased from 3 to 5V. It provides superior noise figure while maintaining excellent return losses, and operates over the 4 to 4000 MHz frequency range. MACOM (17)

Bandpass Filter Skirts Telecom Bands

A new narrowband filter for use in specific telecom applications, the RMFI.900-960Sf covers the 950 to 960 MHz band, offering typical electrical performance of 1.5 dB (max.) insertion loss, 18 dB (min.) return loss, and 50 dB (min.) rejection over the 900 to 935 MHz band. Alternate bands available.    RESPONSE MICROWAVE (14)

Environmentally-Safe Green Technologies

A new series of ultra-low lead content thick film chip resistors, the Model CR-PF Series is RoHS compliant without exemptions. Tested for high reliability and stability, the results showed the new chip resistors offered 1% stability in a 1,000 load life test at rated power and at 70ºC. All four come in a surface mount […]

Small Form Factor Omni Antenna

Design and sales support is now available for a small form factor antenna from Southwest Antennas. The 1001-202 is a half-wave dipole, omni antenna for 2.1 to 2.5 GHz applications. It features a tough, black, G10 fiberglass radome and a black-chrome TNC (M), non-rotating RF connector. RFMW, LTD. (3)

High Performance Spectrum Analyzer

The SM200A 20 GHz headless RF spectrum analyzer and monitoring receiver is ideal for applications ranging from IoT and 5G cellular to military, aerospace, spectrum management, and radar. It combines 100 dB dynamic range, 1 THz sweep speed, and 160 MHz real-time bandwidth with a compact form factor.  SIGNAL HOUND (3)