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Underwater Connectors

Innovative products for very-high-pressure and low-pressure are the company’s specialty, and it has just released connectors that can be mated underwater. For maximum safety and service life, the connectors, known […]

Performance Mission Computing Systems

The company has expanded its line of Cisco-based mission computing systems used in rugged and harsh environments. Based on modular building blocks, the new ComSys-536x family utilizes the company’s extensive […]

Rugged Software Defined Radios (SDRs)

New ruggedized versions of commercial software defined radios now include the RX310-2, featuring standard commercially available TwinRX daughtercards from Ettus Research™, a National Instruments brand. The RX310-2 allows one or […]

Class AB Broadband Amplifier Modules

A new series of high power, Class AB broadband amplifier modules incorporate GaN, LDMOS or VDMOS semiconductor technology. The combination of high linearity and efficiency with low distortion over a […]

Broadband Resistors

New broadband resistors are specifically designed to operate at frequencies up to 67 GHz. With special microwave laser-trimming used to ensure a tight tolerance at high frequencies, these broadband resistors […]

Compact Directional Coupler

Model 106040020 is a directional coupler operating in the frequency range of 6.0 to 40.0 GHz, offering nominal coupling of 20 dB in a compact package. It is uniquely designed […]

Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs)

The SGA/SGN Series of SSPAs offer GaAs/GaN technology reliability that can be customized to meet specific pulse or CW output powers. The product line supports both X- and Ku-band applications […]

Bandwidth in the 20s (the 2020s)

by Peter Matthews, Technical Marketing Manager, Knowles Precision Devices Beginning the 2020s it is interesting to look back 100 years or so to the 1920s, a decade that brought The […]

Coaxial Termination

The ANNEQ-50K+ coaxial termination has an extremely broad frequency range of DC to 40 GHz. It makes timesaving, quick-turn connections and disconnections in test setups and other systems requiring reliable […]

New 5G Multi-Frequency Appliance

An all-new 5G appliance uses GNSS GPS to synchronize radio transmitters over a wide geographic area, even worldwide. This device allows the synchronization of multiple radio transmitters and has applications […]