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Field-Installable Type-N Connector

A field installable version of the popular Type-N connector optimized for LMR® 400 cable is now available. It provides the same high performance results as the rest of the product series, but does not have the same costly installation requirements. The connector can be terminated tool-free with no advanced skill set.  AMPHENOL RF (3)

Tiny Ceramic Bandpass Filter

BFTC-415+ is a tiny ceramic bandpass filter with a passband from 330 to 500 MHz. This model is capable of handling up to 4W RF input power and provides passband insertion loss of 4.0 dB, upper/lower stopband rejection of 36 dB, and an operating temperature range from -40 to +85ºC. MINI-CIRCUITS (6)


These gain and line loss equalizers combine filter and attenuator technology to achieve a desired response to 40 GHz. The typical curves that follow are representative of commonly requested responses, including both linear and half-sine responses. VSWR is dependent on frequency of operation, complexity of equalized response, and bandwidth of response. RLC ELECTRONICS (5)

Signal Analyzer MS2850 Software

Specifically developed for the design and manufacture of 5G NR radio equipment, the new software options for the MS2850A support analyses of both uplink and downlink signals used by the sub-6 GHz frequencies as well as mmWave bands, such as 28 and 39 GHz, in the 5G NR standard. With the software installed, the MS2850A […]


A new power amplifier for DBS SATCOM uplink applications, Model XTD-1250DBSHE is a high efficiency, 1250W power amplifier in the same package as the traditional 750W power amp. This DBS-band TWTA provides the user with 525W of linear power for Direct-to-Home (DTH) SATCOM in a compact, ruggedized package designed for high reliability outdoor applications.   […]

Coaxial 50/75 Ohm Matching Pad

The SFQFM-5075+ is a coaxial 50/75 ohm matching pad supporting impedance matching applications from DC to 3000 MHz. This model features SMA-Female Quick-Connect (50 ohms) to F-Male (75 ohms) connector configuration, supporting convenient connection between components with different connector types. MINI-CIRCUITS (7)

ChipGuard® Device

The company has expanded its line of ESD protection products with the Model CG0201MLC ChipGuard device, which delivers ultra-low capacitance (0.2 pF) in a miniature 0201 package. These features meet ongoing performance and small footprint requirements in space-constrained applications. BOURNS (11)

General Purpose Broadband Amplifier

The TA1007 is a 500 to 2800 MHz 5W amplifier designed for use in many general purpose applications where a small size and light weight are preferable. This amplifier supports any signal type and modulation scheme, including 3G, 4G, WLAN, OFDM, DVB, and CW/AM/FM. TRIAD RF SYSTEMS (4)

The Impact of the IoT on Society

by Cees Links, GM of Qorvo Wireless Connectivity BU, Qorvo I am often asked how the IoT will affect our lives. It’s a big question, but a good one. I sometimes want to reply with something like, “How will it not change our lives?” since that might be a shorter list. But instead, let’s look at […]

Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes

The 2560 Series digital oscilloscope comes in DSO and MSO models. The front panel boasts a 8” widescreen with 256-level color gradient, 4 analog channels, and logic analyzer. The logic analyzer software and 16-channel logic probe are included with the MSO models or can be upgraded for DSO models. B&K PRECISION (5)