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Amps Assemblies with Detector-Coupler-Attenuator 

Model CA0022-351560ADTCS, part of a line of highly integrated amplifiers, provides instantaneous frequency coverage from 10 MHz to 22 GHz, 35 dB gain, +15 dBm P1dB PT, and low noise figure. It includes temperature compensation, voltage variable gain attenuation (15 dB), integrated wideband output coupler, and detected output with 10 dB minimum dynamic range, and […]

Flat Gain Wideband Amplifier

The ZVA-403GX+ is a coaxial, ultra-wideband amplifier offering flat gain across an extremely wide frequency range from 50 kHz to 40 GHz. This model operates on a single +5V supply with just 100mA typical current consumption, and is capable of delivering up to 20mW output power at 1 dB compression. The amplifier comes in a […]

Broadband 3-Way Type N Power Dividers

This non-binary, 3-way broadband power divider covers 0.500 to 6.000 GHz (803-4-3.250WWP), encompassing Public Safety through ISM bands. Typical performance of 1.30:1 VSWR, 17 dB isolation, 1.2 dB insertion loss, and exceptional amplitude and phase balance of 1.0 dB and 12º maximum. This is in addition to the family of 2-, 4-, 8-, and 16-way […]

Pierce-Gate Crystal Oscillator

“Most designers are familiar with the Pierce-Gate topology but few really understand how it functions, let alone how to properly design it. As a common practice, most don’t even pay too much attention to the oscillator in their design until it does not function properly, usually already released to production. This should not be the […]

Gallium Nitride (GaN) RF Amplifier

Model SSPA 0.020-6.000-70 is a high power, super broadband, GaN RF amplifier that operates from 20 MHz to 6.0 GHz. This PA is ideal for broadband military platforms as well as commercial applications because it is robust and offers high power over an extremely large bandwidth with decent power added efficiency. It operates with a […]

Robust 7mm Connectors

The 7mm series includes precision grade connectors designed for use with microwave applications requiring excellent performance up to 18 GHz. Features include low VSWR and insertion loss; robust coupling mechanism; and mates with precision 7mm connectors (sexless/genderless). In addition, 7mm support beads, threaded center conductors, and 7mm sub-assemblies are available from stock.   SGMC MICROWAVE […]

New 65º 8×8 Sector Antenna

The KP-5HVX8-65 sector antenna features dual-horizontal/vertical-polarization with a 65º azimuth beamwidth and eight ports, all within a single 34” radome. It delivers high gain over a wide bandwidth of 4.9 to 6.4 GHz with up to 17.5 dBi gain at 5.9 GHz. The antenna is supplied with a robust, universal adjustable bracket with wide U-bolts […]