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Front-End Module (FEM) for IoT Applications

The SKY66405-11 is a 2.4 GHz FEM designed for Zigbee®, Thread, and Bluetooth® (including Low Energy) ultra-low power IoT applications. This high-performance, integrated multi-chip module comes in a compact form factor (1.9 x 1.9 x 0.56mm) and provides increased efficiency as well as more than 4X range extension versus system-on-chip (SoC) alone. It includes a […]

mmWave Wideband Analyzer UXR-Series Oscilloscopes

The first single box, multi-channel solution for wideband mmWave measurements, part of the UXR-Series of oscilloscopes, delivers fast, affordable, coherent analysis for wideband measurements up to 110 GHz, accelerating development of next generation mmWave communications, satellite communications, and radar applications. It offers customers the ability to configure optional 5 or 10 GHz analysis bandwidth windows […]

OM5 Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

OM5 fiber cables with OFNR and LSZH jacket options are available from stock and in the following connector combinations: SC to SC, SC to LC, and LC to LC. OM5 fiber cable is able to support short wavelength division multiplexing (SWDM), which reduces the parallel fiber count by at least a factor of four. This […]

L-Band Solid State Pulsed Amplifier

This new L-band solid state pulsed amplifier family of products offers reliable solid state-based performance. This SSPA PIA has wide band, automatic fault recycle, user-friendly microprocessor-controlled logic with integrated computer interface, digital metering, and quiet operation suitable for laboratory environments. Available in 2kW, 4kW, and 8kW version amplifiers. CPI BEVERLY MICROWAVE DIVISION (26)

TV White Space (TVWS) Antennas

A new line of TV White Space antennas is ideal for WISP networks and support Redline Communications’ 2×2 MIMO radios, among others. This new series includes three models: a dual-polarized sector, a vertical-polarized sector, and a dual-polarized Yagi antenna. Both sector antennas feature 13 dBi of gain, a 65º azimuth beamwidth, and an embedded GPS […]

Broadband Thin-Film Resistors

New broadband thin-film resistors are designed to operate over a frequency range extending from DC to as high as 67 GHz. Precision laser trimming ensures the tight tolerances needed to achieve superior performance at ultra-high frequencies. These resistors are wire- or ribbon-bondable, or can be used in a flip-chip configuration. PASSIVE PLUS INC. (56)

Solid State Power Amplifiers

The SGA/SGN Series of solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs) offer GaAs/GaN technology reliability that may be customized to meet specific pulse or CW output powers. The product line supports both X-band and Ku-band applications with bandwidths up to 10% and offers peak power outputs up to 400W. These SSPAs were designed for demanding defense, aerospace, […]

Custom Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs)

Among other areas of expertise, the company designs and manufactures custom filter-based IMAs for aerospace and defense markets. This pre-filtered IMA (above) filters and amplifies three individual navigational signals and then distributes them for processing. Its performance is optimized by having the ability to tune the filter into the amplifier and microstrip mismatches. K&L MICROWAVE […]

Thin Film Filters

These high performance thin film filters, spanning 1 to 20 GHz, are built on industry standard substrates such as alumina and titanate, and are offered in a compact package size with low profile of <0.08”. The filters also offer high selectivity and out of band rejection of >60 dB. They can be customized to meet […]