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Pickoff Tees

New pickoff tees offer excellent through-line insertion loss and pickoff stability rise times of <10 Pico-seconds (at 40 GHz). Units are offered in standard frequency ranges from DC to 18 GHz, DC to 26 GHz, and DC to 40 GHz with the option to customize the pickoff insertion loss value to meet specific requirements. The […]

Ultra Broadband Coupler

Designed for use in ATE and production 5G applications, the RMCO20.1-67.185f covers the 1 to 67 GHz band, offering typical electrical performance of 2.8 dB max. insertion loss, VSWR of 1.80:1 max., and minimum directivity of 10 dB. Power handling is 16W and the unit is operational over the -55 to +105ºC range. Mechanical package […]

Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)

A new automotive AEC-Q100 class 2 qualified LNA features industry leading noise figure (NF) and gain performance. The GRF2093-W functions as a first-stage digital audio satellite radio service (SDARS) LNA over 2320 to 2345 MHz, and can easily be optimized with application-specific matching and biasing to offer superior performance up to 6 GHz and beyond. […]

High Power Radial Combiners and Dividers

These high power radial combiners and dividers are ideal for ISM, radar, and EW systems. Their patented designs include 3-way to 32-way solutions, from VHF through C-band, up to 10:1 bandwidth, at power levels to 64kW CW and 200kW peak. Radial combiners are in-phase radial transmission line structures, which combine or divide in a single […]

MMIC Power Splitter/Combiner

Model EP4RKU+ is a four-way, 0º power splitter/combiner with broadband frequency range of DC to 18 GHz. Insertion loss above the 6 dB four-way power split is extremely low, typically 4.2 dB from DC to 4 GHz and only 3.4 dB from 4 to 18 GHz. The tiny splitter/combiner handles maximum full band power of […]

Lumped Element Filter

Part number 4IB10-2291/X20-PX/PX-FLT is a lumped element filter designed specifically for a manned space flight application. The filter features a 1 dB passband from 2281 to 2301 MHz with 2.5 dB of maximum insertion loss at the center frequency. Attenuation is 56 dB at 1956 MHz and 43 dB from 2625 to 6800 MHz. The […]

Directional Couplers

The company’s expanded offering of 5G millimeter-Wave products features 20 dB couplers that cover 18 to 40 GHz and have2.92mm interfaces. Typical specifications include 1.6:1 VSWR, 13 dB directivity, 1 dB insertion loss, and 0.4 dB frequency sensitivity. Octave and multi-octave models covering up to 50 GHz are also available. MECA ELECTRONICS (44)

Front-End Module (FEM) for IoT Applications

The SKY66405-11 is a 2.4 GHz FEM designed for Zigbee®, Thread, and Bluetooth® (including Low Energy) ultra-low power IoT applications. This high-performance, integrated multi-chip module comes in a compact form factor (1.9 x 1.9 x 0.56mm) and provides increased efficiency as well as more than 4X range extension versus system-on-chip (SoC) alone. It includes a […]

mmWave Wideband Analyzer UXR-Series Oscilloscopes

The first single box, multi-channel solution for wideband mmWave measurements, part of the UXR-Series of oscilloscopes, delivers fast, affordable, coherent analysis for wideband measurements up to 110 GHz, accelerating development of next generation mmWave communications, satellite communications, and radar applications. It offers customers the ability to configure optional 5 or 10 GHz analysis bandwidth windows […]