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Highly Integrated RF and Digital Architectures: Challenges, Benefits and Acceptance (Cover blurb)

The dawn of the Internet of Things (IOT) has fundamentally transformed our lives, the ways we interact with others and the devices around us. We feel this impact in our personal lives and our professional careers. Whereas computers were once tools we consciously selected to complete tasks more efficiently, smart sensors and cloud computing now […]

Precision Waveguide Noise Sources

The NW-W series of waveguide noise sources covers all major millimeter waveguide bands (Ka- through W-band) with high output, excellent flatness, and ripple-free response. Designed for both built-in test and laboratory applications, these units can also replace outdated gas tube noise sources. Models are available up to 110 GHz (W-band) with output ENR from 6 […]

Ku-Band Waveguide SATCOM LNA

The APTW6-10701275-75K10-WR75-D6 is a high gain (65 dB typ.), low noise (50K) LNA with a WR75 (end-launch adapter) waveguide. Covering the frequency range from 10.70 to 12.75 GHz, the assembly has good flatness (+/-0.75 dB typ.) and excellent return loss (22 dB typ.) due to the company’s unique non-isolator design. Its primary use is for […]

SMA Cable Assemblies on LMR Cable

A line of SMA fixed length cable assemblies on LMR-195 and LMR-240 cables combines precision machined SMA connectors with high performing LMR cables developed by Times Microwave. These pre-configured cable assemblies are designed to offer a lower loss option with superior electrical performance over standard cables. The LMR cable assemblies operate between DC to 6 […]

5G Ready Millimeter-Wave Products

An entire family of components covers the various proposed bands for 5G and millimeter-wave bands. Included are power dividers and couplers covering 6 to 40 GHz with 2.92 and 2.4mm interfaces, along with supporting components such as attenuators, terminations, bias tees, DC blocks, and adapters. This includes octave and multi-octave units covering 1 to 18 […]

Single Control Amplifier with Low Loss Bypass

The GRF4142 is a broadband, low noise, linear, single control amplifier with low loss bypass, targeted at small cells, cellular boosters, and other broadband, high-performance applications offering broadband frequency coverage with a minimal number of external components. It boasts an 0.8 dB noise figure, low current, and simple broadband matching for VHF to 3.8 GHz […]

NI AWR Design Environment V13.03

NI AWR Design Environment, inclusive of Microwave Office, Analog Office, Visual System Simulator™, AXIEM, and Analyst™ software, addresses design challenges associated with highly-integrated RF/microwave components commonly found in wireless communications and radar systems. The latest release includes enhancements to the UI, additions to design flow automation inclusive of synthesis, import/export file format standards and third-party […]

DC Pass Power Splitter/Combiner

The ZN4PD-02183+ is a 4-way 0º ultra-wideband splitter/combiner supporting a wide range of applications from 2 to 18 GHz. This model is capable of handling up to 30W RF input power as a splitter with low insertion loss across its full frequency range, providing excellent signal power transmission from input to output. It delivers nearly […]

PLL Synthesizers in Coaxial Packages

Six new PLL frequency synthesizer models are compact, rugged, SMA-connectorized designs that support USB 2.0 interface with a PC computer supplying DC power and GUI command control. They cover a broad range of frequency bands from 25 MHz to 27 GHz.  These models deliver output attenuation that is adjustable up to 50 dB in 1 […]

Pre-Filtered Low Noise Amplifiers

The company has released pre-filtered low noise amplifiers (LNAs) for GPS and other frequency bands. The GPS offering can cover L1, L2, L5, or combinations of those frequency bands. Gains available are 16 to 40 dB with noise figures typically 1.8 dB or less. These pre-filtered LNAs are designed for harsh military environments with products […]