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PLL Synthesizers in Coaxial Packages

Six new PLL frequency synthesizer models are compact, rugged, SMA-connectorized designs that support USB 2.0 interface with a PC computer supplying DC power and GUI command control. They cover a broad range of frequency bands from 25 MHz to 27 GHz.  These models deliver output attenuation that is adjustable up to 50 dB in 1 […]

Pre-Filtered Low Noise Amplifiers

The company has released pre-filtered low noise amplifiers (LNAs) for GPS and other frequency bands. The GPS offering can cover L1, L2, L5, or combinations of those frequency bands. Gains available are 16 to 40 dB with noise figures typically 1.8 dB or less. These pre-filtered LNAs are designed for harsh military environments with products […]

High Performance MMIC Mixers

A new series of high performance IP3 fundamental mixers, CMD253C3, CMD254C3, and CMD255C3, features overlapping RF/LO frequencies spanning 6 to 26 GHz, with each model demonstrating low conversion loss, high OP3, high isolation, and wide IF bandwidth. These mixers are well suited for use as upconverters and downconverters in demanding military, aerospace, and telecommunications applications […]

Dual-Band Front-End Module

Part of the new SkyOne® suite of highly integrated wireless networking solutions for mobile and IoT ecosystems, the SKY85812-11 is a dual-band front-end module incorporating a 5 GHz bypass low noise amplifier with a SP2T transmit/receive switch and a 2.4 GHz bypass low noise amplifier with SP3T switch with Bluetooth® port that allows for Wi-Fi […]

Solid State Field Generating Systems

A line of state-of-the-art solid state field generating systems for numerous markets and applications has just been launched. The amplifier and horn antenna combination form one completely housed unit, which may be tripod mounted. These new “AA” series systems produce field strengths up to 50V/m in two band-specific models over the 18 to 40 GHz […]

High-Performance Logarithmic Amplifier

The newest and smallest high-performance logarithmic amplifier in the company’s product portfolio, the MLS-0206, was specifically designed for use in ELINT radar warning receivers, channelized receivers (Receive Strength Signal Indicator/RSSI), ESM systems, weather radar, airport landing systems, and EW systems. It is just 0.45 x 0.45” and is manufactured using traditional MIC techniques. L3 NARDA-MITEQ […]

Dual Directional Couplers 

Model C11040, a 50 dB dual directional coupler, covers the 700 to 6000 MHz band at 750W CW, operating at less than 0.2 dB insertion loss and better than +/-0.5 dB coupling flatness. The C11040 is robust and compact, measuring just 2.15 x 2 x 1.36”. Lower power solutions are also available for 100, 250, […]

DynaFlex® RF & Microwave Cable Assemblies

DynaFlex cable assemblies provide optimized electrical and mechanical performance across a wide range of RF & microwave applications, from DC to 40 GHz. DynaFlex assemblies utilize the company’s DynaCore® dielectric technology to provide enhanced resistance to crush and kinking, while delivering low loss and phase stable electrical performance. Available with standard SMA, 2.92mm, N, and […]

Q-Band Quadrature Mixer

Model SFQ-33350313-2F2FSF-F2 is a Q-Band quadrature mixer that covers the frequency range from 33 to 50 GHz. Typical conversion loss of the unit is 13 dB with an LO driving power of +17 dBm. The typical LO to RF port isolation is 25 dB. Since the IF port of the quadrature mixer is DC coupled, […]