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A Comparison of Common Industrial IoT Protocols

by Tinu Oza, Product Manager, L-com The Industrial IoT (IIoT) protocol stack can be defined by a number of standards that can, at times, be difficult to sort through. The realm of IoT is notorious for its myriad of competing standards meant to serve overlapping industry verticals. For instance, technologies such as Zigbee® and Z-wave […]

The Data Center Industry: Growth Opportunities for the Test & Measurement Industry

by Rohan Thomas, Industry Analyst — Measurement and Instrumentation, Frost & Sullivan In 2018, total investments into the global data center infrastructure industry accounted for more than $250.0 billion. These included investments in IT infrastructure, facility infrastructure, and outsourcing. Several factors affect the industry; however, two of the most significant trends are Internet of Things […]

GaN on SiC is Driving Advances in Radar Applications

by Qorvo New and increasingly sophisticated threats are driving requirements for radar systems that deliver more instantaneous bandwidth, greater resolution, longer range and multi-beam function. Traditionally, radar systems have had short pulse widths, narrow instantaneous bandwidths and relatively small duty cycles (e.g., 100 us pulse width and 10% transmit duty cycle). Today, there are requirements […]

Power Amplifier (PA) Designers Tackle High Peak-to-Average Power Ratio (PAPR) with Digital Predistortion (DPD)

by David Vye, Director of Technical Marketing, AWR Group, NI Performance targets for 5G New Radio (NR) require the use of cyclic-prefix orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (CP-OFDM) waveforms, as well as inter- and intra-band carrier aggregation (CA), first introduced in LTE-Advanced Rel. 10, to enhance spectral efficiency, especially for the crowded sub-6 GHz bands. The high […]

A Classic LNA Design Challenge: Meeting the Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service (SDARS) LNA Specification

by Alan Ake, Vice President of Applications Engineering/Technical Marketing at Guerrilla RF This article will focus on one high-volume (primarily automotive) application that goes against this trend and this is the multi-stage LNA associated with the SDARS radio capability that is included with millions of new cars every year. It requires a cascade of multiple […]

Distributed Amplifiers

by Christopher Gregoire, Lead Applications Engineer, Custom MMIC The distributed, or wideband, amplifier is a unique circuit in the field of high frequency microwave engineering. Its architecture can often be misunderstood, however, and this confusion can sometimes result in a non-optimal use of the amplifier. In this note, we will explain the inner workings of […]

The DAS is Not Dead; It’s Evolving

by Mark Miller, Product Manager, L-com Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are usually visible only to people like readers of this magazine who notice such things, but they play a major role in maintaining reliable voice and data communications, even in scenarios where tens of thousands of people are densely congregated. And now they’re in an […]