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Radio Frequency and Microwave Test and Measurement Equipment Market Trends

by Jessy Cavazos, Industry Director – Frost & Sullivan The radio frequency (RF) and microwave test and measurement equipment market is on the verge of major changes over the next 5-10 years, principally with a shift of focus in the commercial space from low frequencies to millimeter-wave frequencies. Historically, the sub-8GHz market was associated with […]

Advances in Integration and Parameterization of EM Simulation within a High-Frequency Circuit Design Flow

by John Dunn, Ph.D. – AWR Group, NI Electromagnetic (EM) simulators are constantly being improved in various ways, however, less obvious to RF engineers yet equally important are the advances being made in integrating EM simulators into the overall microwave circuit simulation environment. The ability to incorporate multiple EM simulators into one circuit design environment […]

Ultraportable USB-Powered Spectrum Analyzer Revolutionizes mmWave Testing

by Russel Lindsay – Anritsu Company The explosion in data-intensive, high-speed services has created a mini-revolution within the wireless industry. Commercial applications are no longer the sole domain of the RF and microwave spectrums. As the industry prepares (i.e. designs) for a new generation of commercial wireless that includes 5G, automotive radar, 60 GHz WiFi […]

The Evolution of GaN: from Defense Applications to 5G

by Scott Vasquez, Senior Market Strategy Leader – Qorvo As gallium nitride’s advantages (increased power density and efficiency, and improved thermal properties that enable higher reliability and operating temperature) are becoming increasingly cost-effective, the technology is no longer considered exclusive to defense programs such as electronic warfare and jammers. Plastic packaging technologies are just one […]

Dielectric Resonator Antennas for 5G Applications

by S. Keyrouz, D. Caratelli and D. Favreau – Antenna Company The development of 5G technologies aimed at increasing data rate of wireless communication networks by a factor of 100 imposes stringent specifications (large bandwidth, high gain, small size and temperature independent performance) on the design of the radio frequency (RF) electronics. Various front-end antenna […]

X- and Ku- Band Small Form Factor Radio Design – Part One

This is a two part article and Part 2 of this article will run in next month’s issue of MPD. by Brad Hall and Wyatt Taylor, Analog Devices, Inc. Many aerospace and defense electronics systems in the SATCOM, radar, and EW/SIGINT fields have long required access to a portion, or all, of the X- and Ku- […]

How 5G Requirements Impact RF/Microwave Device and Component Testing and Development

by Pasternack 5G is simply an abbreviation of the fifth generation of wireless mobile networks, which is a name for the next round of wireless communications and mobile network infrastructure to be developed and deployed. Unlike previous mobile wireless generations however, 5G has been swept up in a union of visions of a technology enhanced future. […]

New Antennas Meet the Expanding Needs of the WISP Market

by KP Performance Antennas Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) have kept pace with technology from their roots as “mom-and-pop shops” to formidable service providers using technologies ranging from MIMO to LTE with performance competitive with cable and Fiber to the Home (FttH). Although often overshadowed by “flashier” technologies, antennas for WISP continue to advance in […]