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The DAS is Not Dead; It’s Evolving

by Mark Miller, Product Manager, L-com Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are usually visible only to people like readers of this magazine who notice such things, but they play a major role in maintaining reliable voice and data communications, even in scenarios where tens of thousands of people are densely congregated. And now they’re in an […]

Verification of Thermal Simulations of GaAs FETs using Liquid Crystal Measurements

by Emma Fournier, Custom MMIC Design Services One underappreciated aspect of integrated circuit design is the temperature rise within a transistor under bias. In field effect transistors (FETs), this temperature rise is most pronounced near the junction of the gate and the channel, and the maximum temperature is directly related to the overall reliability of […]

Design of a Highly-Integrated LTCC X-band Receiver

by Dr. Bo Zhou, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (NJUPT) The X-band frequency range is widely used for satellite communications (SATCOM) because it provides a number of advantages over lower-frequency systems, including resilience to interference and weather, smaller terminal size, higher data rates, and ability to provide remote coverage. SATCOMS are further enhanced through […]

The Case for RF & Microwave Core Test Systems

Cut development, manufacturing, and documentation time and cost by Bob Twiggs, Vice President, Business Development, In-Phase Technologies Systems designed today are more complex than ever and harder to test. Test engineers are faced with finding budget money to face the most challenging obstacles. For example, what happens when a new GaAn-rich macroherz super-dynamic phase correlating […]

An Introduction to Passive Interconnect for Millimeter-wave Test

by Fairview Microwave A few years ago, working with electronic signals at millimeter wave frequencies was almost exclusively the domain of advanced military and scientific applications. Consumer products did not exceed the 5.7GHz ISM band, and commercial satellite communications were bounded by the Ka-band at 27GHz.  The cost of high frequency semiconductor technologies limited their […]

5G NR Network Rollout Is Now – Let’s Test!

by Arnd Sibila, Technology Marketing Manager, Rohde & Schwarz Mobile Network Testing 3GPP release 15 specifies the initial 5G standardization framework of the radio access network called 5G New Radio (5G NR). The standard contains a high degree of flexibility in radio parameters, which complicates network measurements. However, Rohde & Schwarz has already conducted measurements […]

New Anritsu VNA Solution Delivers 43.5 GHz Guaranteed Specified Performance in K Connector Environment for Cost, Performance Efficiencies

by Anritsu Company Emerging 5G, satellite and signal integrity applications are extending frequencies beyond 40 GHz. Verifying these designs at higher bands using existing test configurations has posed a challenge for engineers. New technology developed by Anritsu allows vector network analyzer (VNA)-based test systems to deliver 43.5 GHz guaranteed specification using Extended-K™ connector technology and […]

Low Loss, High Isolation mmWave Switch MMICs

by Graham Pearson and Liam Devlin, Plextek RFI Many emerging applications at Ka-band and above, such as 5G and broadband satellite communications, are adopting architectures that require low-loss, high-linearity switches. FET-based switches on both GaAs and SOI (Silicon on Insulator) are used to realize high performance, low-loss switches at RF frequencies. They have been used […]

A First Look at Modern Macrocell PAs and Their Practical Implementation Considerations

by Pasternack The onslaught of 5G-related technologies has led to a plethora of material covering small form factor transceivers for user equirement and mobile devices. While many of these design constraints do not necessarily apply to macro BSs, some do. This article aims to provide some more details around the design considerations for PAs for […]