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Computer-Aided Engineering of RF Circuits with LINC2 System and Circuit Simulation

by Dale D. Henkes, ACS (all figures are at end of article) “The engineering profession applies the principles of mathematics, science, economics, ethics, and social sciences to use the materials […]

Keysight 2020 Predictions

Technology Predictions from a [Precision] Electronic Test Thinktank New realms of measurement will grow in importance in 2020: Measurement based tools of many kinds are key enablers for the technology-based products and […]

The Role and Trending Requirements of RF Limiters in Multifunctional AESA Radar

by Fairview Microwave In the past few years, active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar have transitioned from cutting-edge radar technology designed to be deployed on next-generation multi-role fighters, to capability […]