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Defeating Interference in a Connected World

by Fairview Microwave The wireless industry may be short of available spectrum below 6 GHz, but it has interference in abundance, and there’s even more coming in the future. It’s not just from 5G, the most likely culprit, but also from the enormous number of wireless-enabled devices employed by IoT networks, connected vehicles, and expansion […]

Filtering out Common Mode Noise in Congested Environments with Monolithic EMI Filters

by Johanson Dielectrics A multitude of factors are conspiring to increase the amount of “noise” interference that can disturb the functionality and even damage electronic devices, starting with the sheer number used in our vicinity at any given time.   Today’s automobiles provide a prime example.  In a single vehicle you can find Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, […]

5G New Radio Solutions: Revolutionary Applications Here Sooner Than You Think – Part Two

by Skyworks Solutions, Inc. This is part two of a two part article. The first part ran in the May issue of Microwave Product Digest. Click here to read it. New Technologies Required for 5G NR —Enabling RFFE This leads us to the discussion of what technologies, both current and new, will be required for […]

Remembering C.W. “Chuck” Swift

Chuck Swift had a love for the microwave industry. The industry he put his heart into always gave back. A few years after starting his career at Hughes Aircraft he left to join Bert Aaron as a manufacturer’s rep. Chuck was a natural salesman. He was soon volunteering for the Institute of Radio Engineers by […]

Highly Integrated and Compact Multichip Modules for Defense Applications

by Rick Montgomery, senior product line director, Qorvo & Dean White, director of product solutions, Defense and Aerospace, Qorvo & Jon Alejandro, customer account manager, High Performance Solutions, Qorvo  Highly Integrated RF Modules from Smarphones to Defense Qorvo is known as a leader in providing highly integrated RF front end modules (FEMs) at multiple bands […]

5G New Radio Solutions: Revolutionary Applications Here Sooner Than You Think

by Skyworks Solutions, Inc. This is part one of a two part article. The second part will run in the June issue of Microwave Product Digest. As demand grows for ubiquitous wireless connectivity and the promise of new and previously unimagined applications— such as autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, telemedicine and virtual reality—so does the anticipation […]

The Reality of Millimeter Wavelength for 5G

by Pasternack  Amid the attention to the coming fifth generation of “cellular” technology, the use of spectrum at 28 GHz and higher is generating some of the attention. Most media coverage recites the well-known challenges associated operating at millimeter wavelengths and how it will require a huge number of small-cell case stations, massive MIMO, phased-array […]

Applications of Microwave Radiation in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer: A Brief Review

by Dr. Huma Rasheed, Fawad Maqbool and Mick Syed, AmpliTech Inc. Radio Frequency Microwaves (RFM) exert various effects on the biological system and possess a great impact in medical applications, for instance by heating, altering chemical reactions, or inducing electrical current in tissues and cells. The knowledge of temperature-dependent electrical properties of biological tissues is […]

5G Communication and Its Future

by Dr. Thomas Cameron, Analog Devices, Inc. The 5G cycle is well underway, with many field trials completed and many others in progress globally. In the recent 5G Trial Snapshot Report from the GSA, it was reported that over 326 separate 5G trials and demonstrations have been identified globally to date, with some 134 mobile […]

Testing a 24-28 GHz Power Amplifier Using the 5G New Radio Test Standard

by Tudor Williams, Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult; Darren Tipton & Florian Ramian, Rohde & Schwarz Challenges and Results An ever-increasing requirement for data on mobile networks, driven by a myriad of applications from HD video on the move to autonomous vehicles and Industrial IOT, means a part of the new 5G network is to be […]