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Distributed Wi-Fi: How a Pod in Every Room Enables Connected Smart Homes

by Cees Links, General Manager, Wireless Connectivity Business Unit, Qorvo A distributed Wi-Fi indoor infrastructure — the next generation of Wi-Fi mesh — could change our vision of how we consider the smart home and its connections to the Internet of Things (IoT). In this article, we explain distributed Wi-Fi, some of its design challenges and […]

Miniaturized Wireless Medical Wearables

by Johanson Technology Tiny RF chip antennas are no longer relegated to PCB “keep out” areas, allowing product designers to further miniaturize wireless biosensors and medical wearables. Traditionally, small chip antennas used in RF-enabled medical devices have required a designated ground “keep out” area to minimize interference from other components and ensure the ideal radiation […]

Critical Design and Test Considerations for Wireless Medical Devices

by Janet Ooi, IoT Industry and Solutions Lead, Keysight Technologies, Inc. Imagine recalling the medical device you designed and deployed because the battery could not last as expected.  Imagine if an implanted device had to be surgically removed from a patient, whose very life depended on it.  In fact, there was a recent case in […]

PCB Import Wizard in NI AWR Software Accelerates EM Verification of Complex Board Structures

by AWR Group, NI Today’s RF/mixed-signal printed circuit boards (PCBs) employ complex board structures to support greater functionality for specific applications. Within these densely-populated, multi-layer boards, integration of high-speed data lines and RF circuitry poses a potential risk to system performance because of coupling (cross talk) and other parasitic behavior along the signal traces. PCB […]

GaN Power Amplifiers Serving Satellite Industry on Multiple Levels

by Pasternack Satellite technology has undergone many iterations of improvement over the decades; this includes the use of advanced frequency reuse schemes with the spot beam architecture, the leverage of higher frequencies (Ka-band) for larger contiguous spectrum, the implementation of digital payloads for flexible bandwidth and power allocation, and all-electric propulsion systems. These advancements have […]

Addressing Phase Noise in Direct Downconverters and Radar Systems with New LPNA MMICs

by Custom MMIC Phase noise is becoming an increasingly  critical factor needing to be addressed in sophisticated radar and communication systems. This is because it is the key parameter defining both target acquisition in radars and spectral integrity in communication systems. There are many papers detailing the mathematical derivation of phase noise, but few mention […]

Fast and Efficient RF Amplifier Design Using LINC2 Automated Circuit Synthesis

by Dale D. Henkes, ACS Considering the advancement in computer aided engineering (CAE) software today, it would certainly seem evident that the most direct approach to RF circuit design would be to employ circuit synthesis software to automate the design process. Circuit synthesis software, as the term is used here, is not to be confused […]

Zero-in on the Best RF Transistor Technology for your Radar’s High Power Amplifier Designs

by Integra Technologies, Inc. The best solid-state, high power amplifiers (HPAs), especially those used in critical defense, aerospace, and weather-radar applications, start with the right choice of discrete or integrated RF power transistors. Several active device semiconductor technologies are available today to amplify pulsed and continuous-wave (CW) signals across narrow or wide bandwidths from HF/VHF/UHF […]