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Connectors Keep Pace with Millimeter-Wave Advances

by  Fairview Microwave The spectral region above about 30 GHz hasn’t been densely populated, or at some frequencies, populated at all. There are well known reasons for this, from inhospitable propagation conditions to the lack of useful semiconductor technologies, and the fact that it’s extremely difficult to build components and systems when wavelengths are measured […]

X-band:  GaAs vs GaN Efficiency Tradeoffs

by Grant Wilcox, Qorvo As the war between GaN and GaAs rages on, GaN continues to win battles associated with increasing difficulty in SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power, Cost) requirements. This can be seen across the frequency spectrum in both wideband and narrowband applications. As the power and frequencies increase, GaN really separates itself from the […]

Methods of Suppressing PIM in Multicarrier Systems

by Steve Ellis, Product Manager, Pasternack Passive Intermodulation distortion (PIM) — the nonlinear effects that are observed from the passive components (i.e. antennas, cables, connectors, power dividers, and mixers)  of a system at high signal levels — is a phenomena of particular relevance in wireless infrastructures dedicated to the propagation of vast amounts of traffic. […]

Improved DAC Phase Noise Measurements Enable Ultra Low Phase Noise DDS Applications

by Peter Delos and Jarret Liner, Analog Devices, Inc. In radar applications, phase noise is a critical performance metric for systems requiring high clutter attenuation. Phase noise is a concern for all radio systems, but radar in particular can require phase noise performance at frequency offsets much closer to the carrier than a communication system. […]

Rapid Model-Based Evaluation Board Success for a 160W L-Band GaN PA 

by Rached Hajji and Kim Tran, Qorvo USA, Inc. & Larry Dunleavy and Laura Levesque, Modelithics, Inc. The demand for Power Amplifiers (PAs) continues to grow with the increase in industrial and military applications of wireless and microwave technologies.  Current PA designs must meet increasingly challenging performance goals in terms of efficiency, gain, linearity, power […]

There’s No End in Sight for Waveguide

by Steven Pong, Product Manager, Fairview Microwave The RF and microwave industry may be awash in chipsets, but less flashy components still make up a sizeable portion of the market, and there’s no better example than waveguide. Considered archaic “plumbing” even by many microwave engineers, waveguide’s advantages still make it the best and sometimes only […]

A Low Loss, Remote Radar Target Simulator (LRTS)

by Joe Mazzochette, General Manager, Eastern OptX, Inc. This article describes a new tool developed to test high performance, phased array radar systems. Historically, radar testing was accomplished using laboratory-based target generators, simple delay lines, or signal synthesizers. Laboratory testing is convenient and inexpensive. It avoids any issues associated with radiating signals that might require […]

Highly Integrated RF and Digital Architectures: Challenges, Benefits and Acceptance

by Lorne Graves, Chief Technologist, Mercury Systems Moving from raw data to actionable insights requires deep analysis to differentiate the truly valuable signals from the baseline noise. In other words, we need highly sophisticated processing techniques to transform raw data into tangible, meaningful information we can readily act upon to improve the quality of our […]