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Portable 4-in-1 Calibration Kits

A new line of 4-in-1 3.5mm calibration kits was designed for test and measurement, field testing, antenna measurement, and cable verification applications. This series consists of two models, both with a compact, lightweight, 4-in-1 design package. These short-open-load-through (SOLT) calibration kits have a 26.5 GHz calibration capability. They feature gold-plated 3.5mm connectors and a handy […]

Microwave Signal Generators

The Model 845 Series is a series of low-noise and fast-switching microwave signal generators covering continuous frequency ranges from as low as 100 kHz up to 12, 20, and 26.5 GHz. The 845 Series provides an accurately leveled output power range and high spurious suppression. Advanced frequency synthesis with fractional-N divider makes for low SSB […]

SP2T Surface Mount High Power PIN Diode Switch

The MSW2T-203X-192 series SP2T surface mount high power PIN diode switches are available in three operating frequency bands: MSW2T-2030-192 operates from 50 MHz to 1 GHz; MSW2T-2031 operates from 400 MHz to 4 GHz; and MSW2T-2032-192 operates from 2 to 6 GHz. These switches leverage high reliability hybrid manufacturing processes which yield proven superior performance […]

Tiny MMIC Gain Slope Equalizers Flatten DC to 6 GHz

The EQY-1-63+ is an absorptive MMIC gain equalizer with a negative 1.2 dB slope versus frequency from DC to 6 GHz. This device is useful for flattening negative gain slope in amplifiers, receivers, and transmitters in a wide range of applications from wireless communications to broadband/optical, satellite, defense, and more. This model is capable of […]

GaN Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA)

Model number SSPA 27.0-31.0-20 is a high power, GaN solid state power amplifier that operates from 27 to 31 GHz. It is packaged in an enclosure that is optimized for high shock and vibration requirements. Nominal output power is 20W typical. Typical power gain is 43 dB minimum. Input and output VSWR is 2.0:1 maximum. […]

VRT Functions in the Spectrum Analyzer API

VITA 49 functionality has been added to the SM200A 20 GHz headless RF spectrum analyzer and monitoring receiver. The VME bus International Trade Association (VITA) 49 standard defines a packet-based exchange protocol for RF devices such as spectrum analyzers and SDR receivers. Typical applications for VITA 49 are spectral monitoring and scanning, signal intelligence, radar, […]

PXIe Radio Test Set

The M8920A PXIe Radio Test Set has a scalable modular architecture for efficient and complete test development and execution needed for manufacturing and radio maintenance depot environments. It also supports general purpose measurements and commercial standards (LTE, WLAN, and Bluetooth®) to test military communications (MilCom), Land Mobile Radio (LMR), and avionics radio systems. Field radios […]

High Power 2-Way 90º Power Splitter

QCH-63, a new 2-way 90º power splitter, is capable of handling up to 200W with amplitude unbalance of +/-1.0 dB typical and phase unbalance of +/-1.5º typical. Operating over a frequency range of 2000 to 6000 MHz, the outstanding phase and amplitude unbalance make this component a versatile building block for use in a variety […]

Analog Voltage Variable Phase Shifter Module

This family of drop-in size phase shifters offers a 225º (min.) phase shift at 20V (max.) control voltage in various bands from 6 to 16 GHz. They are available with field removable SMA connectors so that they can be used either as stand-alone phase shifters or as a drop-in module installed into printed circuit boards […]