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Surface Mount Diplexer

RDP-6500+ is a lowpass + highpass diplexer. Lowpass port is designed for DC to 100 MHz and highpass is designed for 1400 to 6500 MHz. The low pass channel offers a very good rejection (40 dB typical) and the high pass channel works for a broad frequency band until 6500 MHz, offering low insertion loss […]

Tactical Booster Amplifier

This new tactical booster amplifier extends the range of communications in the 30 to 88 MHz frequency band. Model AR50SE is a fully automatic band-switching RF booster amplifier for multi-band tactical radio equipment employing legacy, proprietary, and emerging waveforms. The amplifier, which is a sub-banded version of the JITC certified AR-50 multi-band product, covers the […]

MIL-DTL (ML) Series Power Dividers & Couplers

This latest expanded product offering, ML series power dividers and couplers, was designed to meet applicable portions of MIL-DTL-23971, MIL-DTL-15370, and MIL-STD-202, Method 107G. These models are designed for precision electrical performance, high reliability, and are intended for use in harsh environments from low orbit space and satellite to high altitude defense applications. They are […]

S-Band GaN Power Amplifier

QPA1001 is a high-power, S-band amplifier fabricated on the company’s QGaN25 0.25um GaN on SiC production process. Covering 3.1 to 3.5 GHz, the QPA1001 typically provides 48 dBm of saturated output power and 22 dB of large-signal gain while achieving 54% power-added efficiency. The unit can also support a variety of operating conditions to best […]

Low Noise Amplifier

The MAAL-011141 is an easy to use, wideband low noise distributed amplifier die. It operates from DC to 28 GHz and provides 17.5 dB of linear gain, 16 dBm of P1dB, and 1.4 dB of noise figure at 8 GHz. The input and output are fully matched to 50 ohms with typical return loss >15 […]

Low Noise, Wideband, High IP3 Monolithic Amplifier

The CMA-83LN+ is a PHEMT based wideband, low noise MMIC amplifier with a unique combination of low noise, high IP3, and flat gain over wideband (0.5 to 8.0 GHz), making it ideal for sensitive, high-dynamic-range receiver applications. This design operates on a single 5V or 6V supply, is well matched for 50 ohms, and comes […]

CW Dual-Band Amplifiers

The Dual-Band, Class A amplifiers combine two amplifiers in one package, enabling coverage of a wider frequency with one dual-band amp that costs less, weighs less, and requires less space than two solid state individual amplifiers. You can go from 0.7 to 18 GHz with up to 60W in the first 0.7 to 6 GHz […]