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Body Worn Antennas

Model 1065-031 is a right-hand, circularly polarized (RHCP) antenna, while Model 1065-032 offers left-hand polarization (LHCP). Developed to offer high performance, rugged antenna options, the antenna radome housing is resistant to damage from drops, being stepped or jumped on, and other potential abuse. Both antennas are designed for use with handheld or body worn MIMO/MANET […]

Gain Control-Detector-Amplifier Multi-Function Modules (MFM)

Originally designed for radar and microwave test instrumentation, these Gain Control-Detector-Amplifier MFM provide the gain control, amplification, and detection for an integrated automatic level control (ALC) function, all within a single package. The functions of voltage controlled gain, amplification, and detection can be specified in any order as may be desired by the system designer […]

High-Reliability Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs)

Sixteen new VCO models covering bands from 10 to 4350 MHz have been released. Unlike traditional oscillators with a single fixed frequency, VCOs allow the frequency of the output signal to be varied by adjusting the amplitude of the input tuning voltage. These products are used in military electronics, SATCOM, test and measurement, and wireless […]

State-of-the-Art Solid State Field Generating Systems

A line of state-of-the-art solid state field generating systems has been introduced for numerous markets and applications. These products now offer a very attractive alternative to using TWTAs driving separate antennas to generate field strength up to 50 V/m. Performance characteristics of this magnitude (both in frequency and output power) were previously dominated by low […]

Ultra-Wideband Amplifier Provides High Dynamic Range, Flat Gain

The ZVA-183G+ is a Class A, four-stage, unconditionally stable amplifier providing 27 dB gain with +/-2.0 dB flatness over its entire operating frequency range of 0.5 to 18 GHz. This model is capable of delivering up to 1/2W output power at PSAT, with 3 dB noise figure and +36 dBm IP3, making it ideal for […]

High Power Transmit/Receive Module

Model TR 0.225-0.450-100 is a high power, transmit only, solid state RF amplifier that operates from 225 to 450 MHz minimum, and is packaged in an enclosure that is optimized for state-of-the-art military radio applications. This TR takes a 70 MHz IF input and performs a dual up-conversion to UHF. At the UHF RF frequency […]

L- and S-Band RF Power Amplifier Module

The NuPower™ LS100A01 PA provides saturated RF power of 100W typical in L- and S-Band (frequency coverage from 1.6 GHz to 2.5 GHz), with module efficiencies of up to 45%. With a nominal input drive level of 0 dBm, the unit offers an impressive 50 dB of RF gain, while weighing only 22.6 ounces. Further, […]

DC Pass Power Splitter/Combiner

The ZN6PD-02183+ is a 6-way, 0º ultra-wideband splitter/combiner supporting a wide range of applications from 2 to 18 GHz. These applications include EW, ECM, test instrumentation, ISM, and more. This model is capable of handling up to 25W RF input power as a splitter with low insertion loss across its full frequency range, providing excellent […]