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New 50W GaN Amplifier

Model QPA1000 is a high-power, S-band amplifier fabricated on the company’s QGaN25, 0.25um GaN on SiC production process. Covering 2.8 to 3.2 GHz, the QPA1000 typically provides 47 dBm of saturated output power and 22 dB of large-signal gain while achieving 58% power-added efficiency (PAE). The unit can also support a variety of operating conditions […]

Distributed Amplifiers

Two unique distributed amplifiers have been added to the company’s performance leading standard product line. The CMD242 distributed amplifier features ultra-wideband performance from DC to 40 GHz while delivering 10.5 dB of gain with a flatness of +/-1 dB. The noise figure of the CMD242 is 4.4 dB, with an output P1dB of 18 dBm […]

Power Amplifier

The MAAP-011248-DIE is a 1W distributed power amplifier offered as a bare die part. The power amplifier operates from DC to 22 GHz and provides 14 dB of linear gain, 30.5 dBm of output power at 3 dB compression. The device is fully matched across the band and includes a temperature compensated output power detector. […]

X-Band Solid State Power Amplifier Module

Model BME99109-40 is a GaN amplifier for X-band applications. This class AB linear design operates over the full 9.0 to 10 GHz frequency range and is ideal for use in Phase Array Radar applications, as a TWT replacement or for a microwave communication link. The amplifier features phase and amplitude control, internal DC-to-DC converters and […]

Wideband Microwave Synthesizer

The DS-3000 wideband microwave synthesizer is a state-of-the-art multi-loop synthesizer tuning continuously from 100 MHz to 20 GHz in 1 Hz steps. Phase noise and spurious performance is consistent with most demanding test equipment, receiver or carrier transmitter requirements. Tuning is accomplished via 4-wire SPI tuning or USB. The synthesizer includes an internal reference that […]

DC Pass, High Power Dual-Directional Coupler

The DDCH-50-521+ high power dual-directional coupler provides high power handling up to 300W and insertion loss of 0.07 dB typical with 50 dB coupling. Covering frequencies from 20 to 520 MHz, it supports a wide variety of applications from military to commercial, including GSM transmitters and more. High directivity of 21 dB provides accurate sampling […]

New 8-Bit Programmable Phase Shifters

A new series of 8-bit programmable phase shifters are adjustable over a full 360º range. These three new models can produce a discrete set of phase states of up to 256 total steps in 1.4º increments with superior accuracy and minimal phase shift error. These digitally controlled analog phase shifters cover broadband microwave and millimeter […]

GaN Solid State S-Band Power Amplifier

The company’s line of GaN amplifiers provide high gain, high efficiency, and excellent stability, with excellent AM/PM and phase-noise performance. One of the latest introductions is the VSS3607, an S-band solid state GaN power amplifier that features 1.3 kW pulsed modules that can be power combined for higher peak power output, internal BIT circuitry via […]