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High-Performance Vapor-Sealed Cable Assemblies

With superior electrical performance, GORE® Microwave Airframe Assemblies (7-Series) are specifically designed for airframe microwave interconnect needs. These assemblies are qualified for aerospace applications and meet the MIL-T-81490 mechanical and environmental requirements for airframe cables. They are vapor-sealed to prevent the ingress of water vapor, jet fuel, and other contaminants to ensure that they maintain […]

Ultra-Wideband 2.4mm-F Termination

The company has expanded its product offering for high-frequency applications with the ANNEF-50V+ ultra-wideband 50 ohm termination. This model features a 2.4mm-F connector, supporting applications from DC to 50 GHz, including 5G systems, point-to-point radios, Ka- and Ku-band Satcom, and military systems such as ELINT and radar. It is capable of absorbing RF input signals […]

Solid State Power Amplifier Module

Model BME69189-100 is a GaN-based solid state power amplifier module that covers the frequency range of 6 to 18 GHz for TWT/MPM replacement. This highly integrated design is ideal for use in communication, electronic warfare, and radar transmitter systems where space, cooling, and power are limited. Features include ultra wideband operation, full power across the […]

Power Detector Family

The new MACP Series of high-performance power detectors boast integrated, low loss directional couplers, optimized for power monitoring and leveling in point-to-point radios, ISM, radar, VSAT, EW, and aerospace and defense applications. The integrated solution of the directional coupler and temperature compensated detector circuit enables customers to dramatically simplify their system designs and lower BOM […]

Surface Mount Diplexer

RDP-6500+ is a lowpass + highpass diplexer. Lowpass port is designed for DC to 100 MHz and highpass is designed for 1400 to 6500 MHz. The low pass channel offers a very good rejection (40 dB typical) and the high pass channel works for a broad frequency band until 6500 MHz, offering low insertion loss […]

Tactical Booster Amplifier

This new tactical booster amplifier extends the range of communications in the 30 to 88 MHz frequency band. Model AR50SE is a fully automatic band-switching RF booster amplifier for multi-band tactical radio equipment employing legacy, proprietary, and emerging waveforms. The amplifier, which is a sub-banded version of the JITC certified AR-50 multi-band product, covers the […]

MIL-DTL (ML) Series Power Dividers & Couplers

This latest expanded product offering, ML series power dividers and couplers, was designed to meet applicable portions of MIL-DTL-23971, MIL-DTL-15370, and MIL-STD-202, Method 107G. These models are designed for precision electrical performance, high reliability, and are intended for use in harsh environments from low orbit space and satellite to high altitude defense applications. They are […]