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Surface-Mount MMIC Equalizer Die

The popular MMIC equalizer die are now offered in surface-mount 3x3mm QFN packages. Optimized for excellent return loss over the entire band, the MEQ series equalizers provide consistent unit-to-unit performance in a small, low-cost form factor. The MEQX-7ASM family is available in four configurations and provides positive slope from DC to 7 GHz with DC […]

High Capacitance MLCCs

The Novacap branded MLCCs are ideal for medical and military applications where a high capacitance value is required. These RoHs-compliant, high capacitance value BME MLC chip capacitors are manufactured in stable Class II dielectrics X7R and X5R. The range is offered with a spread of capacitance values starting at 6.8nF and topping out at 100µF. […]

Solder End Launch Jack Connector

The Johnson 2.92mm Solder End Launch Jack Connector provides a solder end launch solution for those who need the stability of solder. It operates up to 40 GHz while achieving better than 16 dB return loss, 3 dB insertion loss, and VSWR below 1.25. CINCH CONNECTIVITY SOLUTIONS (66)

High Performance Drop-In PIN Switches

The super-slim series of broadband, hermetically sealed switches offers fast switching speed and low insertion loss in very compact packages. Frequency range is 0.5 to 18 GHz. The switches are gold plated and have removable SMA connectors for use in drop-in applications. Integral TTL drivers. L3 NARDA-MITEQ (56)

High Frequency Adapters

The Johnson 2.4mm Series of 50 GHz high frequency adapters continues Johnson’s development of products into the millimeter wave spectrum in support of 5G standards. They are available in both same series and between series and operate to 50 GHz with a VSWR better than 1.25. Within the same series is a unique right angle […]

Dual Sector Antennas

A new line of high-gain, dual-band sector antennas was designed for use in wireless networks. It is made up of seven models, each consisting of two or more sector antennas inside a single, rugged radome. The single mounting point of these antennas reduces inches on the tower, halves the tower rental costs, and lowers wind […]

Ultra-High-Band Low-Noise Amplifier

The SKY65806-636LF is a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) low-noise amplifier with bypass function. The device provides excellent return loss, a low-noise figure, and high-linearity performance. It operates in the frequency range of 3400 to 3800 MHz, making it an ideal option for LTE ultra-high-band radio receiver applications.   SKYWORKS SOLUTIONS (7)