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Miniature SPDT Switch

This new addition to the company’s line of miniature SPDT switches is offered in a unique package with connectors in a “T” configuration for ease of connection/mating at the system level, and is a perfect drop-in replacement for pin diode switches. It is offered in both surface mount and connectorized versions and operates from DC […]

SP4T Reflective PIN Diode Switch

The MASW-011087 is a high power, symmetrical SP4T switch utilizing the company’s AlGaAs PIN diode technology. This broadband (14 to 38 GHz), reflective switch was developed for Ka-band applications that require up to 30 dBm (1W) power handling while maintaining low insertion loss, high isolation, and fast switching speed.   MACOM (73)

Bi-Directional Amplifier

The TTRM1210-D01 is a 30 to 2700 MHz wideband, high efficiency bi-directional amplifier that has a maximum output power of 8W, while only consuming a total of 24W of DC power. It features automatic Tx/Rx switching, wide voltage input range, as well as over and under voltage protection. TRIAD RF SYSTEMS (48)

Seven-Way Uneven Power Divider

Model APD-7-328M335R5M-TNC is a 7-way power divider that operates over the frequency range of 328 to 335.5 MHz. It has a maximum insertion loss of 1.2 dB and a minimum isolation of 20 dB. This model is outfitted with TNC female connectors in a hermetic/con-formal coated housing measuring 7.500 x 6.000 x 0.945”. PLANAR MONOLITHICS […]

Ultra-Wideband Low Noise Amplifier

ZVA-24443G1+ is an ultra-wideband coaxial low noise amplifier supporting a wide range of high frequency applications from 24 to 44 GHz. It provides 45 dB gain with +/-2.5 dB flatness, 1.7 dB noise figure, and P1dB of +20 dBm. It operates over a single positive supply voltage range of +9 to +15V.  MINI-CIRCUITS (75)

Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier

Now available with full design support capabilities is an ultra-low noise amplifier from WanTcom. At +12V DC operation, the unconditionally stable WBA0180210A offers 0.27 noise figure, with 27 dB of gain and +10 dBm P1dB. Frequency range is 180 to 210 MHz. Designed for MRI and RF T&M applications. RICHARDSON RFPD (43)

Reflectionless Low Pass Filter

Model XLF-662M+ is a MMIC reflectionless low pass filter with a passband from DC to 6000 MHz and stopband from 9200 to 26000 MHz. It provides 1.3 dB passband insertion loss, 1.2:1 passband VSWR, stopband rejection of 30 dB from 9200 to 14000 MHz and 36 dB from 14000 to 26000 MHz. Its 1.3:1 typical […]

Two-Way DC Blocking Power Divider

Model DC802-2-3.300WWP is a 2-way broadband DC blocking weatherproof divider. Blocking DC on all ports covering 0.600 to 6.000 GHz, encompassing Public Safety through ISM bands. Typical performance includes VSWR of 1.25:1, isolation of 22 dB, insertion loss of .6 dB, and exceptional amplitude and phase balance of 0.3 dB and 5º maximum. MECA ELECTRONICS […]

Wideband Distributed Amplifier

MAAM-011238 is an easy to use, wideband amplifier that operates from 100 kHz to 50 GHz. The unit provides 14 dB gain, 5 dB noise figure, and 18.5 dBm of P3dB output power @ 30 GHz. It is matched to 50 ohms with typical return loss of 12 dB. The amplifier is RoHS compliant and […]