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Wi-Fi Front End Module (iFEM)

The QPF7221 provides a complete integrated solution in a single FEM for Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac/ax systems. Its small form factor and integrated matching minimizes layout area in the application and greatly reduces the number of external components. The FEM allows true 5V supply without any modifications to the supply lines and performance is a balance of […]

Absorptive SP20T PIN Diode Switch

Model P20T-7G18G-80-T-515-SFF-SP is an absorptive, SP20T PIN diode switch that operates over the 7.0 to 18.0 GHz frequency range. This model incorporates a TTL compatible driver for easy system integration. Insertion loss is 7.5 dB max.; isolation is 65 dB min.; amplitude tracking is 0.5 dB peak-to-peak (all output ports); VSWR IN/OUT 2.0:1 max./1.8:1 typ.; […]

ATOM Series BUCs

The Norsat ATOM series of block upconverters (BUCs) are among the smallest, lightest, and most energy efficient transmitters available. The high efficiency of ATOM reduces power consumption significantly. The BUCs cover the Ku-band frequency range and have an N-type input connector.     NORSAT INTERNATIONAL (23)

Coaxial Quick-Turn 1W Termination

ANNEQ-50X is a wideband coaxial termination capable of absorbing up to 1W RF input power from DC to 20 GHz. It features an SMA Male quick-turn connector allowing quick connection and disconnection. The termination provides excellent return loss of 47 dB up to 4 GHz and 30 dB up to 20 GHz.    MINI-CIRCUITS (21)

Digital Phase Shifter Family

These low cost, portable, wireless RF phase shifters, a Lab Brick LPS Series of RF and microwave programmable digital phase shifters, provide excellent phase accuracy and 1º phase resolution. They are USB powered and controlled, with calibrated performance for optimal accuracy. Frequencies range from 1 to 12 GHz.  VAUNIX (20)

Reflectionless Bandpass Filter

XBF-24+ is a high rejection, reflectionless bandpass filter with a passband from 19.5 to 20.5 GHz. The filter employs a patented filter topology, which absorbs and terminates stopband signals rather than reflecting them back to the source. This capability eliminates stopband reflections typical of traditional filter designs, minimizing intermodulation and other interferences. This model includes […]

Bluetooth® 5 Module Series

The BL651 Series is a cost-effective solution for simple Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) applications. It provides all of the capabilities of the Nordic nRF52810 silicon in a small, fully certified module, leveraging the benefits of Bluetooth 5 features (higher data throughput, increased broadcasting capacity) in one tiny footprint.   LAIRD CONNECTIVITY (10)

ESP Antenna Line

The Enhanced Standard Performance (ESP) series parabolic line offers a full portfolio covering all unlicensed bands, providing the highest gain in the industry. ESP antennas are available in 2-, 3-, and 4-foot configurations and come fully assembled from the factory. Boasting excellent side lobe performance that exceeds industry standards, the ESP series requires minimal post […]

EIA Capacitors

A new series of Low ESR/ESL EIA capacitors is now available. These multi-layer capacitors have been developed for High-Q and microwave applications where low noise, high self-resonance, and high working voltage are requirements. They exhibit ultra-stable performance over temperature and are RoHS compliant. PASSIVE PLUS, INC. (6)

Programmable Digital Attenuator

The LDA-5018V digital attenuator is a highly accurate, bi-directional, 50 ohm step attenuator. It provides calibrated attenuation from 50 MHz to 18 GHz (VHF-, UHF-, L-, S-, C-, X-, and Ku-band frequencies) with a precise step size of just 0.1 dB, while offering typical accuracy of <1.0 dB over 50 dB of control range. VAUNIX […]