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Low-PIM Cable Assemblies

A new line of low-PIM, plenum-rated SPP-250-LLPL cable assemblies is designed for use in wireless infrastructure. These 36 low-PIM jumper cables feature a maximum PIM level of -155 dBc and are made with UL910 plenum-rated SPP-250-LLPL cable. Maximum operating frequency is 6 GHz. FAIRVIEW MICROWAVE (3)

Nine New Absorptive Switches

Now available with full design support capabilities are nine new UltraCMOS® SP6T, SP8T, and SP12T absorptive switches from Peregrine Semiconductor. Featuring high port-to-port isolation, high linearity, low insertion loss, and exceptional power handling; optimized for 4G and 4.5G wireless infrastructure switching applications such as robust digital pre-distortion (DPD) loops, filter banks, and transmit/receive (T/R) paths […]

Directional Coupler for Space Apps

Model 101040010SQ is a directional coupler specifically designed for space applications operating over the ultra-broadband frequency range of 1.0 to 40.0 GHz. Uniquely designed for systems applications where external leveling, precise monitoring, signal mixing, or swept transmission and reflection measurements are required. The unit exhibits insertion loss (including coupled power) of less than 1.3 dB […]

Current Sense Transformers

The CST2020 Series of current sense transformers sense current up to 40A over a frequency range of 400 Hz to 1 MHz, and offer 4000 Vrms isolation voltage between the sense and output windings. They provide reinforced insulation per UL 60950-1. They provide output feedback for load current measurement and control in switching power supplies […]

Ultra-Wideband Coaxial LNA

ZX60-153LN+ is an ultra-wideband connectorized LNA providing low noise figure of typically 2.4 dB across the entire 0.5 to 15 GHz frequency range, supporting a wide range of applications. It delivers 17 dB typical gain with +/-2.7 dB flatness, P1dB of +16 dBm, and +28 dBm IP3. Size is 0.74 x 0.75 x 0.46”. MINI-CIRCUITS […]

E-Band Waveguide Junction Circulator

Model SNW-7638130818-12-C1 is an E-band waveguide junction circulator that covers the frequency range of 76 to 81 GHz. It is designed and manufactured to provide a low insertion loss of 0.8 dB typical, a typical isolation of 18 dB, and a much shorter insertion length for system integration. SAGE MILLIMETER (2)

Two-Way Combiner/Divider

Model D9392, the latest in the company’s line of high power 2-way combiners/dividers, covers the full 500 to 2500 MHz frequency range, is conservatively rated at 500W CW, and operates with less than 0.3 dB of insertion loss. Size is just 4.7 x 1.7 x 1.1”. Ideal for all military and commercial environments. WERLATONE (5)

Active Rectifier Controller

The Power by Linear™ LT8672 is an active rectifier controller with reverse input protection to -40V. Its 3 to 42V input voltage capability is ideal for automotive applications which must regulate through cold-crank and stop-start scenarios with minimum input voltages as low as 3.0V and load dump transients up to 40V. The unit drives an […]

SP16T Solid State Switch

Model P16T-100M40G-100-T-I-292 is a single pole, sixteen throw (SP16T) solid state switch operating over the 0.1 to 40.0 GHz frequency range. This model offers a typical insertion loss of 15 dB while maintaining a typical isolation of 80 dB. Input power is 20 dBm CW maximum and RF connectors are 2.92mm (F). PLANAR MONOLITHICS IND. […]

Bandpass Filter for PTC Applications

Part number 3012-455 is a 455 MHz bandpass filter designed for Positive Train Control (PTC) applications. It is encapsulated for enhanced shock and vibration resistance. Other center frequencies and bandwidths are available. Connectors are N (F) to N (M). Source and load is 50 ohms. KR ELECTRONICS (6)