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Millimeter-Wave 4-Way Power Divider

The company’s expanded offering of 5G mmWave products features 4-way power dividers covering 18 to 40 GHz with 2.92mm interfaces. Specifications include 1.2:1 typ./1.80:1 max. VSWR, 19 typ/13 dB minimum isolation, 2 typ./2.6 dB max. insertion loss, and 1 dB max. amplitude balance. MECA ELECTRONICS (3)

Low Noise Amplifier

The CMD309P4 is a broadband MMIC low noise amplifier housed in a leadless 4x4mm plastic surface mount package. Covering 5 to 11 GHz, the unit is ideally suited for microwave radios and C- and X-band applications where high gain, low noise figure, and low power consumption are needed. CUSTOM MMIC (27)

Johnson™ Precision Torque Wrenches

New Johnson precision torque wrenches for 1.85mm, 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mm, and SMA stainless steel and brass connectors are used to properly install and remove RF connectors and components from RF devices and test equipment. They are offered at torque ratings to 8 inch-pounds for stainless steel and 4 inch-pounds for brass connectors, with both rated […]

LTCC Lowpass Filter

Model LPNK-252R+ is a low-temperature-cofired-ceramic (LTCC) lowpass filter that is ideal for removing noise from ISM-band applications from 2.4 to 2.5 GHz. The 50 ohm, RoHS-compliant filter has passband insertion loss of no more than 0.7 dB and typically only 0.5 dB from 2.4 to 2.5 GHz, with out-of-band signal rejection of at least 28 […]

X-Band Solid State PA Module

Model BPMC928109-1000 is a GaN amplifier for applications in the X-band radar market. The AB linear design operates over the 9.2 to 10.0 GHz frequency range. Its design features include options for control of phase and amplitude to allow for integration into high power systems utilizing conventional binary or phased array combining approaches for power […]

SPST Absorptive Switch

Model P1T-500M18G-85-T-SFF is a SPST absorptive switch operating over the frequency range of 0.5 to 18.0 GHz. It has a minimum isolation of 85 dB, a maximum insertion loss of 5.0 dB, and a typical VSWR of 2.5:1. Outfitted with SMA female connectors in a housing just 1.0 x 1.0 x 0.5”. PLANAR MONOLITHICS IND. […]

Directional Couplers

The company has expanded its offering of 5G mmWave products with 10 dB couplers covering 18 to 40 GHz with 2.92mm interfaces. Typical specifications include 1.6:1 VSWR, 13 dB directivity, 1 dB insertion loss, and .5 dB frequency sensitivity. Also available: attenuators, terminations, bias tees, DC blocks, and adapters. MECA ELECTRONICS (9)

Small Cell Power Protection Cabinets

A comprehensive line of AC power protection cabinets has been engineered specifically for small cell sites, combining a co-location approved field-configurable branch breaker architecture with integrated high-reliability surge protection into compact, ruggedized, and lightweight configurations. TRANSTECTOR SYSTEMS (11)

Compact RF Vector Signal Generator

Triarchy Technologies’ VSG2G5C RF Vector Signal Generator, a cost-effective pocketable USB-connected RF signal source has capabilities that provide standalone and PC-controlled functions comparable to full-size analog RF signal generators. Offering frequencies from 100 Hz to 1 MHz (low-band) and 100 MHz to 2.5 GHx (RF band) with a frequency resolution of 1 Hz, this unit’s […]