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Fiber is Essential for 5G, but is there Enough?

by Paul Hospodar, Fiber Optic Product Line Manager, Infinite Electronics  There’s been enough written about the 5G “wireless revolution” to fill an encyclopedia, but one of the least publicized technologies that will determine its success is wired, not wireless. I’m referring to optical fiber, without which the low latency and extremely high data rates promised […]

The U.S. Path to 5G is Different but Will Ultimately Prevail

by Tim Galla, Product Manager , Pasternack America’s wireless industry has a long history of taking a different path than most other countries, pitting competing wireless access methods against each other rather than accepting a single technology as a standard. In Europe, GSM was used by all carriers with enhancements over time, while in the […]

From Concept to Product: Knowledge and Imagination Converge

by David Vye, Director of Technical Marketing, AWR Group, NI Congrats and thank you for reading Microwave Product Digest, presumably to quench your thirst for knowledge and your curiosity about RF business/technology trends, as well as to stay informed on your customers and competitors. By staying current on the ever-changing and increasingly complex state of […]

Renewing Our Founding Values at a 50-Year-Old Startup

by Ted Heil, President, Mini-Circuits The Mini-Circuits story is well known to many in the RF and Microwave industry. Some know us for our advertising, some know us as one of the first companies to transform the pricing structure of RF components, and some know us through the personal relationships they had with Harvey Kaylie, […]

Frequency Banded Solutions for VNA Millimeter-wave Measurement

by Brian Walker, Senior RF Design Engineer, Copper Mountain Technologies As Radio Frequency (RF) technology evolves, frequencies of operation climb to accommodate wider data bandwidths for communications and greater spatial accuracy for radar applications. 5G networks will use millimeter-wave frequencies from 24 to 28 GHz, 37 to 40 GHz, and 64 to 71 GHz. Automotive […]

What’s Going On with GaN in Europe?

by Helen Duncan, Managing Director, MWE Media The United States is without doubt the epicentre of the gallium nitride (GaN) RF industry, being home to the two biggest players, Wolfspeed and Qorvo. However it would be a mistake to think that they have no competition from “across the pond,” or further afield. While in Asia-Pacific […]

At IMS, Focus on the Millimeter-Wave Technology

by Barry Manz, President, Manz Communications, Inc. Boston has proven to be one the best cities for hosting the International Microwave Symposium, so it seems fitting that it will be there again next month as 5G transitions from “coming,” to “here.” This will be my 37th (gulp) MTT/IMS, which covers everything from the emergence of […]

The Mad Rush for Spectrum: No Slice Too Small

by Justin Pollock, PhD, KP Performance Antennas Ever since 4G made video streaming and other data-intensive applications possible there’s been a mad rush by the cellular industry to secure as much spectrum as possible. It’s not alone, as Wi-Fi, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), and other services are competing for the remaining scraps of spectrum […]