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Help is Coming for Wi-Fi in 2018

by Sam Benzacar, President, Anatech Electronics Next to cellular service, Wi-Fi is the undisputed champion of wireless services. It’s so well suited for so many applications that in crowded places like airports, convention centers, and stadiums, it can be tough to connect or maintain a connection. Depending on the source you choose to believe, the average home has […]

The Search for More Wi-Fi Spectrum Accelerates

by Mark Miller, Product Manager, L-com Global Connectivity When Vic Hayes, the “father of Wi-Fi,” was asked in 1988 by his employer NCR Corp. to find a wireless means of connecting cash registers, he could hardly have imagined that what he and his collaborator, Bruce Tuch of Bell Labs, would create would become an indispensable connectivity solution. So […]

Are WISPs the Answer for Rural IoT?

by Ken Caird, Vice President and General Manager, KP Performance Antennas The competition to connect wireless-enabled sensors (i.e., IoT devices) is hot, as Bluetooth®, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and other solutions battle for supremacy in local communication and the cellular industry, Low-Power Wireless Area Network (LPWAN) providers, and even Wi-Fi contend to provide IoT sensors with access to the Internet. As […]

Sustaining Growth Through Innovation in a Changing Industry

Harvey Kaylie, Founder and CEO, Mini-Circuits We’ve seen the market for RF/microwave products change in recent years.  Customer orders are more diverse, less predictable, and more time sensitive than ever.  Next-generation wireless applications and new customer demands require solutions for higher frequencies and greater levels of complexity, and suppliers need to innovate to help customers meet their […]

5G Channel Sounding

by Keith Cobler, Industry Marketing Manager – Mobile Wireless, Rohde & Schwarz USA, Inc. 5G is the next-generation mobile communication system aimed to be broadly introduced commercially around 2020. As the 3GPP specification for 5G is yet to be finalized, the majority of work today is to investigate, develop and standardize 5G. The technological framework for 5G calls […]

The Looming Problem of IoT Interference

Sam Benzacar, President – Anatech Electronics Although manufacturers, analysts, and the media have proclaimed for years that there soon would be “billions and billions” of IoT devices in operation, it seemed hard to believe. Other than Nest thermostats, LED lighting, and a few other products there was little tangible evidence of IoT anywhere. That’s not true anymore, […]

The Millimeter-wave Frontier: 5G Changes Everything

by Tim Galla, Product Manager – Fairview Microwave Optimists in the microwave industry have long proclaimed that applications at 50 GHz and above were “just around the corner.” For a variety of reasons that’s where they’ve remained in the ensuing 30 years, with a few exceptions such as vehicle collision warning, battlefield radios, fire control radars, and some […]