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5G and Cable Need Each Other

by Peter McNeil, L-Com Global Connectivity Technology and market demands sometimes bring strange bedfellows together, as is happening today in the cellular and cable industries. That is, wireless carriers need more backhaul resources for their small-cell base stations and the cable industry has the resources to provide them, all but assuring a somewhat synergistic relationship […]

Bridging the Gap between the University and the RF Industry

by Ted Heil, President, Mini-Circuits With 5G standards barely off the drawing board and headlines filled with speculation about all the related capabilities, what sometimes gets lost in the buzz is that these technologies will depend heavily on a new generation of RF engineers to develop the circuits and systems to realize the dream. It is […]

Measure of Success

by David Vye, Director of Technical Marketing, AWR Group, NI Early in my engineering career during the mid-1980s, I was tasked with developing test and measurement systems to support the emerging gallium arsenide (GaAs) metal-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MESFET) technology at the heart of the defense monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC)/microwave IC (MIC) market. The goal was to better […]

Wireless Internet Service Providers and Net Neutrality: it’s Complicated

by Justin Pollock, Ph.D., Antenna Engineer, KP Performance Antennas In 2015 under the Obama administration, the FCC ordered that Internet service providers be considered Title II common carrier telecommunications services. Last December, when the new FCC commissioner ruled to undo this “heavy-handed, utility-style” regulation of the Internet, salutations quickly came from the most obvious benefactors: “Big Cable” […]

Microwaves Meet the Cheese Steak Sandwich

by Barry Manz, President, Manz Communications, Inc. I recently came upon a folder I’ve been adding to on Google Drive called “IMS Sessions,” which contains PDF files showing all the technical sessions for the last 11 years. Scanning through them and then looking at this year’s program revealed some interesting insights and showed how far this industry has changed […]

Securing the Future: Why protection is paramount in the age of the Internet of Things

by Robin Kent, Director of European Operations, Adax Research suggests the Internet of Things industry will grow from $900 billion in 2014 to $4.3 trillion by 2024 . Vodafone has delved into the consumer side of IoT with the launch of its new “V by Vodafone” bundle, whereby consumers are charged for the number of connected devices […]

Test is Dead ­— Long Live Test

by Nigel Chapman, Director, Business Development, AceAxis Over many years working in cellular communications, we have rarely seen an era when so many aspects of the industry are in a state of flux as at the present time. With the industry striving to meet overwhelming demands for more data at a lower cost, and with ever more complex requirements […]

Help is Coming for Wi-Fi in 2018

by Sam Benzacar, President, Anatech Electronics Next to cellular service, Wi-Fi is the undisputed champion of wireless services. It’s so well suited for so many applications that in crowded places like airports, convention centers, and stadiums, it can be tough to connect or maintain a connection. Depending on the source you choose to believe, the average home has […]

The Search for More Wi-Fi Spectrum Accelerates

by Mark Miller, Product Manager, L-com Global Connectivity When Vic Hayes, the “father of Wi-Fi,” was asked in 1988 by his employer NCR Corp. to find a wireless means of connecting cash registers, he could hardly have imagined that what he and his collaborator, Bruce Tuch of Bell Labs, would create would become an indispensable connectivity solution. So […]