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Setting Higher Standards in the Race to Next Generation Wireless

by Ted Heil, President – Mini-Circuits At  Mini-Circuits, Setting Higher Standards is part of our motto, and it’s never been more relevant. The recent proliferation and evolution of wireless standards like 802.xx, 4G and 5G are pushing wireless technologies to higher frequencies, greater levels of complexity, smaller size, and greater efficiency at an unprecedented pace. Early 5G trials […]

Windows PC’s Remain the Workhorses of RF Testing, For Now…

by Ben Maxson, Engineering Manager – Copper Mountain Technologies For decades now, RF and Microwave test instrument manufacturers and test engineers have been designing their lab test equipment and systems around Windows PCs. Lately Linux has emerged as a plausible alternative. So are Windows-centric instruments on their way out? The advantages of using Windows PCs are numerous. For […]

To De-embed or Not?

by Alan Ake Vice President of Applications Engineering/Technical Marketing Guerrilla RF As applications engineers frequently supporting ultra-low noise amplifiers (LNAs), questions often arise regarding the presentation of noise figure (NF) data to customers. Clearly, de-embedding NF to the input and output pins of the amplifier results in the most impressive numbers being put forth into the […]

5G, and Interference, Coming in 2020

by Sam Benzacar, President – Anatech Electronics If you’ve been following 5G in the media you’ve no doubt noticed a dramatic increase in coverage that began just before Mobile World Cup Congress in February. It’s almost like 5G was just around the corner rather than five years away, but if you dig into the details, it’s not hard […]

The Incredibly Ambitious Goals of 5G

by Barry Manz, President – Manz Communications, Inc. Even if you aren’t an ardent follower of trends in wireless communications, the coming fifth generation is hard to miss. 5G (along with the inevitable presence of IoT) was by any measure the Big News at Mobile World Congress, and the same promises to be true for IMS next […]

The Monopoly of Quartz

by Ramon M. Cerda, VP of Engineering Crystek Corporation Quartz-based oscillators (crystal oscillators) have a virtual monopoly in the electronic industry as the premier frequency-control source of choice. This monopoly goes back nearly 100 years. Today, there is still no other frequency-control technology that comes close in terms of volumes produced each year. The quartz crystal oscillator […]

LDMOS Stakes Its Ground in L-band Radar Upgrades

by David Lewicki, Military Products Manager, RF Power NXP Semiconductors News stories about military radar systems today focus on their use of gallium nitride (GaN) as their source of RF power, which isn’t surprising as virtually all next-generation military radars operating at S- and X-bands will be based on the Active Electronically-Steered Array (AESA) architecture, for which […]

The Opportunities and Challenges of LTE Unlicensed in 5 GHz

by David Witkowski, Executive Director Wireless Communications Initiative n 1998, the Federal Communications Commission established the Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure or U-NII 5 GHz bands. These are used primarily for Wi-Fi networks in homes, offices, hotels, airports, and other public spaces and also consumer devices. U-NII is also used by wireless Internet Service Providers, linking public safety […]