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5G…The Communications Game Changer

by Michael Brewster, Director, Global Business Development – Times Microwave Systems The introduction of 5G cellular technology will change the game in the telecom industry for many years to come. It utilizes the millimeter wave frequency spectrum to increase data for all users. It will significantly reduce the latency issues when compared to LTE technology. The overall coverage […]

For GaN, the Future is Diamond

by Kevin Loutfy, President – Nano Materials International Corporation (NMIC) It was sink or swim when gallium nitride was thrust into service by the U.S. Army to power the jammers it desperately needed to keep warfighters safer from roadside IEDs. It served to rapidly propel the fledgling technology forward, matched only by gallium arsenide after the $1 billion […]

Is 5G on a Train to Nowhere?

by Robin Kent, Director of European Operations – Adax Just this week, I was on a train from Frankfurt to Nuremburg in Germany, attempting in vain to get some work done. The issue I had is that as there was no Wi-Fi available onboard, I was having to rely on the mobile phone network to remain connected. My […]

Finding a Win-Win: The Dilemma of Consolidation

by Harvey Kaylie, Founder and CEO – Mini-Circuits The past few years have seen unprecedented levels of consolidation in the RF and microwave industry.  The recession of 2007 set an economic ripple effect in motion that’s had delayed consequences for suppliers and customers. The succession of high profile mergers and acquisitions was primarily driven by financial conditions. Low […]

Cables, Connectors, and 5G: A Rosy Future

by Steve Ellis, Engineer – Pasternack Enterprises Like many of you I’ve been closely following the rising wave of media coverage about 5G and other emerging markets such as the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network, and IoT, as they will ultimately affect our business and the RF and microwave industry in general. The question of course is how, […]

Setting Higher Standards in the Race to Next Generation Wireless

by Ted Heil, President – Mini-Circuits At  Mini-Circuits, Setting Higher Standards is part of our motto, and it’s never been more relevant. The recent proliferation and evolution of wireless standards like 802.xx, 4G and 5G are pushing wireless technologies to higher frequencies, greater levels of complexity, smaller size, and greater efficiency at an unprecedented pace. Early 5G trials […]

Windows PC’s Remain the Workhorses of RF Testing, For Now…

by Ben Maxson, Engineering Manager – Copper Mountain Technologies For decades now, RF and Microwave test instrument manufacturers and test engineers have been designing their lab test equipment and systems around Windows PCs. Lately Linux has emerged as a plausible alternative. So are Windows-centric instruments on their way out? The advantages of using Windows PCs are numerous. For […]

To De-embed or Not?

by Alan Ake Vice President of Applications Engineering/Technical Marketing Guerrilla RF As applications engineers frequently supporting ultra-low noise amplifiers (LNAs), questions often arise regarding the presentation of noise figure (NF) data to customers. Clearly, de-embedding NF to the input and output pins of the amplifier results in the most impressive numbers being put forth into the […]