The Opportunities and Challenges of LTE Unlicensed in 5 GHz
David Witkowski, Executive Director, Wireless Communications Initiative
In 1998, the Federal Communications Commission established the Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure or U-NII 5 GHz bands. These are used primarily for Wi-Fi networks in homes, offices, hotels, airports, and other public spaces and also consumer devices. U-NII is also used by wireless Internet Service Providers, linking public safety radio sites, and for monitoring and critical infrastructure such as gas/oil pipelines.

Uncertain Times for DefenseWill OpenRFM Shake Up the Microwave Industry?
By Barry Manz

Throughout the history of the RF and microwave industry there has never been a form factor standardizing the electromechanical, software, control plane, and thermal interfaces used by integrated microwave assemblies (IMAs) employed in defense systems. Rather, every system has been built to meet the requirements of a specific system, which may be but probably isn’t compatible with any other system. It’s simply the way the industry has always responded to requests from subcontractors that in turn must meet the physical, electrical, and RF requirements of prime contractors. Read More...


Band Reject Filter Series
Higher frequency band reject (notch) filters are designed to operate over the frequency range of .01 to 28 GHz. These filters are characterized by having the reverse properties of band pass filters and are offered in multiple topologies. Available in compact sizes.
RLC Electronics

SP6T RF Switch
JSW6-33DR+ is a medium power reflective SP6T RF switch, with reflective short on output ports in the off condition. Made using Silicon-on-Insulator process, it has very high IP3, a built-in CMOS driver and negative voltage generator.

Group Delay Equalized Bandpass Filter
Part number 2903 is a group delayed equalized elliptic type bandpass filter that has a typical 1 dB bandwidth of 94 MHz and a typical 60 dB bandwidth of 171 MHz. Insertion loss is <2 dB and group delay variation from 110 to 170 MHz is <3nsec.
KR Electronics

Absorptive Low Pass Filter
Model AF9350 is a UHF, low pass filter that covers the 10 to 500 MHz band and has an average power rating of 400W CW. It incurs a rejection of 45 dB minimum at the 750 to 3000 MHz band, and power rating of 25W CW from 501 to 5000 MHz.

LTE Band 14 Ceramic Duplexer
This high performance LTE ceramic duplexer was designed and built for use in public safety communication and commercial cellular applications. It operates in Band 14 and offers low insertion loss and high isolation to enable clear communications in the LTE network.
Networks International

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Flex Cables Link DC to 18 GHz
MILMEGA Ltd presented with Queen’s Award for Innovation 2012
Ryde, Isle of Wight, UK – October 3, 2012

MILMEGA Ltd, was presented with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for developing amplifiers, based on a novel design methodology, using gallium nitride-based transistor technology, which has brought the Company significant, global, commercial success.

Her majesty’s Lord Lieutenant Major General Martin White CB CBE JP presented the Award to the Company on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen at a ceremony held at the Priory Bay Hotel in Seaview on Friday 28th September.

The ceremony was attended by the Company’s staff and partners as well as local suppliers together with dignitaries from the Isle of Wight including John Owen, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Steve Beynon, Chief Executive of the Isle of Wight Council, Susan Scoccia, Chairman of the Isle of Wight Council and David Woodward, Mayor of Ryde.

Graeme Goodall, MILMEGA’s FD received a crystal bowl engraved with the Queens Award emblem on behalf of the Company’s staff together with a ceremonial Grant of Appointment and thanked both those who work at MILMEGA and with MILMEGA for their contributions to this achievement.

Graeme Goodall, FD said “The Award says a lot about the skills and abilities of those who work at and with MILMEGA in achieving sustained global success in the design and manufacture of highly innovative, market leading, amplifier products. I am also pleased that this Award recognises and promotes, not only our innovative designs but also the values of quality and customer service that are important to us as a Company.”

The prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation is awarded to businesses in the UK to recognise outstanding innovative achievements relative to their operational size. To win the Award, MILMEGA Ltd was required to demonstrate continuous innovation and development over a period of five years resulting in substantial improvement in the performance of the Company. In addition the Award is only made to organisations that can demonstrate a high level of corporate responsibility.

MILMEGA Ltd is a specialist designer and manufacturer of high power, solid state broadband RF and microwave amplifiers. The Company’s 25-year history is supported by a strong reputation for the quality and technical innovation of its products.

MILMEGA’s products are used throughout the world in EMC testing, defence, communications and high-energy physics. The proliferation of electronic systems in products such as cars, mobiles, notebooks, televisions, medical equipment, aircraft and other products has led to increasingly serious problems with electromagnetic interference. EMC testing evaluates the susceptibility of electronic products to electromagnetic emissions by irradiating them with signals generated by high-powered amplifiers. Manufacturers, therefore, test these electronic products for electromagnetic compatibility and susceptibility using broadband high power amplifiers.

Established in 1987, MILMEGA Ltd employs 31 design, manufacturing and support staff at its factory in Ryde, Isle of Wight. Following a MBO in 2004 the Company has grown significantly by investing heavily in new product design and by expanding its overseas markets most notably in the Far East.

The Company was acquired in January 2012 by Teseq Ltd, a UK subsidiary of Teseq Holding AG a large global EMC group based in Switzerland.

Cobham Adds 105,000 sq. ft. facility in Manchester, NH

Cobham Microwave Components has added a 105,000 sq. ft. facility near the company's existing 80,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility at 11 Continental Drive in Manchester, NH. The two-story addition will have 70,000 sq. ft. of light manufacturing space on the first floor and 35,000 sq. ft. of office and conference room space on the second floor. It is expected to bring 120 new jobs to the area. Cobham Microwave Components Exeter, formerly Continental Microwave, was founded in 1977 in Hampton and moved to Exeter in 1999.

Hon Hai unit Invests $61 million in microwave satcom equipment builder

Hon Hai Precision Industry (also known as Foxconn Technology Group) has invested $61 million in Taiwanese microwave and satellite communications product maker MicroElectronics Technology, giving it a 32.6% stake in the company. The world's largest contract electronics maker by revenue, said it made the acquisition to expand its businesses into communications and networking technology. Hon Hai, has also invested in Sharp Corp.

Free version of backhaul planning software available

Mentum Ellipse Express backhaul planning and optimization software solution is available from the French company. It is designed for dimensioning, planning, and optimization of microwave and wireless backhaul networks, analyzing link performance and interference. It includes link design functionality for 30 links and 60 sites per project, online training, and support from the company’s user community. It is available free until March 2013. Click here...

Communications & Power Industries Nets $5 Million for satcom SSPAs and TWTAs

Communications & Power Industries has received initial orders totaling more than $5 million from a prime contractor for high-power, Ka-band satellite communications amplifiers to be used in a U.S. military communications program intended to provide worldwide communications connectivity to tactically deployed forces. CPI will provide both solid-state and vacuum electron device products for the program, including solid-state power amplifiers with internal block upconverters and CPI's SuperLinear traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs).  Work on this program will be performed across several of CPI's divisions and is expected to continue for the next five years.

Hittite invests $5 million in R&D and operations centers in Ireland

Hittite Microwave says it will create 30 new jobs in Cork (19 in R&D and 11 at a new international operations center) in a project supported by the Irish government through Industrial Development Agency Ireland. Products that will be designed at the new Cork R&D facility will be components for use in telecom and sensor systems. The international operations center will manage non-US business in closer proximity to customers. A global supply chain and finance team will also be located in Cork. Hittite chose Cork in part because of its proximity to the semiconductor and integrated circuit design capabilities in Tyndall Institute, University College Cork, and Cork Institute of Technology.

Ex EW officer joins anti-smart meter parade

A retired 22-year veteran electronic warfare officer says the City of Kelowna, British Columbia, should put its proposed sale of its share in electrical utilities to referendum, according to an article at Resident Jerry Flynn, a 77-year-old former officer with the Communications Research Branch of the Royal Canadian Navy, says he fears the proposed sale of the city’s electrical utility rights will ultimately result in energy provider FortisBC installing smart meters in the city without public input, something Flynn says will put everyone’s health at risk. Flynn joins the growing chorus of people in the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere, who believe that, as the meters use RF energy for communication, they can lead to various health problems. The BC government’s controversial rollout of smart meters through public utility BC Hydro, as mandated by the 2010 Clean Energy Act, has provoked opposition among those concerned with not only potential health effects but with security, privacy, billing, and economic issues. Read more...

Xilinx Acquires Modesat Communications

Xilinx has acquired Modesat Communications, a backhaul solutions provider, giving Xilinx visibility in this market with its 7 series FPGAs and Zynq-7000 SoCs. Modesat was founded in 2005 in Tallinn, Estonia, and specializes in the development of backhaul modems for microwave, E-band, and non-line of sight markets. The company has 15 employees, who will be joining Xilinx as part of the Xilinx Communications Business Unit. Modesat offices in Tallinn and San Diego, CA, CA will continue operations.

The Greening of the Microwave…

A coalition including Whirlpool and Plextek are leading a new project investigating high-efficiency electronic cooking systems in conjunction with ENIAC Joint Undertaking, an EU-backed program. The goal is to reduce household energy use by 25%. Plextek has completed the first stage of the project: investigating the way RF energy is used in everyday appliances. The company is now constructing prototype low-energy microwave ovens for testing, having focused on developing more efficient components such as semiconductor process technologies, improved thermal management systems, and intelligent electromagnetic field controllers, that can then be integrated into a new system. Other companies involved include NXP, Comheat, Bergh Hybrid Circuits and the universities of Warsaw, Chalmers, Padova and TU Delft. Source:




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The Design of Ultra Narrowband Amplifiers Using Small-Signal Varactor Upconverters
This paper presents a method of realizing tunable microwave amplifiers with ultra narrow bandwidths that can be less than 0.5% by the use of a varactor up-converter (UC).
Planar Monolithics

Directivity and VSWR Measurements
Return loss and VSWR measurements are complicated by the finite performance of the directional device used to measure the reflected power. The only accurate and convenient way to make return loss measurements is with a well matched high directivity directional coupler or bridge.
Marki Microwave

Switch Solutions for Systems with Low PIM Requirements
Dow-Key Microwave has invested in R&D for new RF switch products designed specifically to reduce intermodulation (IM) in coaxial switches.
Dow-Key Microwave

How to Specify RF and Microwave Filters
Covers cavity, ceramic, LC, crystal and helical filters.
Anatech Electronics

Mounting Considerations for Medium Power Surface-Mount RF Devices
Covers all factors that must be considered when mounting SMT devices.
TriQuint Semiconductor

Biasing MMIC Amplifiers
How to bias MMICs along with theory and techniques.

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