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Clad Metal Wire for High-Reliability Fuel Cells

Anomet Clad Metal Wire is metallurgically bonded with up to three layers to combine properties such as high conductivity with corrosion resistance or high strength with corrosion resistance and light weight. Suitable for use in high-reliability fuel cells and batteries, a typical application includes titanium-clad copper for corrosion resistance and high conductivity. Ideal for fabricating […]

X-Band Radar Solid State Power Amplifier

A new Gallium Nitride (GaN) amplifier for applications in the X-band pulsed radar market, Model BMPC9X89X8-8000 features an AB linear design that operates from 9.0 to 9.9 GHz frequency range over any instantaneous bandwidth of 500 MHz. The product was developed for use in ruggedized radar applications. The amplifier design features self protection for load […]

Waveguide Electromechanical Relay Switches

Twenty-eight new waveguide electromechanical relay switches offer full waveguide performance covering C, X, Ku, K and Ka frequency bands from 5.85 to 40 GHz. They are ideal for applications that include electronic warfare, electronic countermeasures, microwave radio, VSAT, SATCOM, radar, research and development, space systems, and test instrumentation. They are configured for SPDT operation with […]

Rugged GPS Passive L1 Antenna with Integrated Flexible Coaxial Gooseneck

A new GPS passive L1 antenna with integrated coaxial RF gooseneck, part number 1027-010, features an operator-friendly compact size and light weight achieved with a quadrifilar helical design, in addition to providing an axial ratio of 1.0 dB, offering excellent performance in noisy RF environments. The entire product is environmentally sealed and waterproof to a […]

Fixed Length 50 Ohm HD-BNC Cable Assemblies

New fixed length 50 ohm HD-BNC cable assemblies are an ideal pre-configured solution for high-performance applications. These lightweight, compact cable assemblies deliver a space conscious option for designers and engineers at a footprint of 51% smaller than traditional BNC connectors, and allows for four times the density. They feature the trusted push and turn interface […]

High-End Analog RF and Microwave Signal Generator

The R&S SMA 100B provides purest signals with the lowest possible phase noise at all offset frequencies (1 GHz, -152 dBc/Hz, 20 kHz offset). A 6 GHz instrument generates up to 38 dBm RF output power, and a 20 GHz instrument generates up to 32 dBm in the microwave frequency range. Harmonics are extremely low […]

Surface Mount Bandpass Filter

CBP-1280F+ is a coaxial-ceramic-resonator based bandpass filter in a shielded package fabricated using SMT technology. This filter has low insertion loss with high rejection and low VSWR for use in L-band applications, aviation/aeronautical, defense sytems, and radio astronomy. Frequency range is 1160 to 1400 MHz. Features include High-Q, good selectivity in the stopband performance, and […]

Dual Bi-Directional SSPA

This Class A GaAs module is designed for both military and commercial applications. It is capable of supporting any signal type and modulation format, including but not limited to 3-4G telecom, WLAN, OFDM, DVB, and CW/AM/FM. The latest device technologies and design methods are employed to offer high power density, efficiency, and linearity in a […]