MPD Fully Functioning During the Covid-19 Emergency

We just thought we’d let all of you know that it is business as usual at Octagon Communications and MPD. All necessary precautions have been taken, and, as several of our staffers already work remotely, the office is open for business until we are told otherwise.

The May issue of MPD will arrive on schedule, and of course our website and the digital edition will continue to be available.

Feel free to contact any of us with questions or concerns!

We hope that you and your families are safe and healthy.

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    Wideband RF Signal Analyzer and Streaming Recorder

    The RSA7100B wideband RF signal analyzer and streaming recorder was designed for engineers working on the latest wideband designs in communications, radar, and electronic warfare. The solution offers more than […]

    Omni MIMO Antennas

    In order to meet the demand for single-radome MIMO antennas for medium range aircraft performing ISR missions, the company has released a pair of new antennas built off its existing, […]

    Amplified Radio Systems

    A new line of amplified radios extends the range—up to 10x—of the most widely used mesh or mobile ad hoc network (MANET)/multi-input multi-output radios in the industry, The creation and […]

    High Power PIN Diode Limiter Modules

    The TDLM202402 is a quasi-active S-band SMT PIN diode limiter that offers “always on” high power CW and peak protection. Packaged in a small 8x5mm form factor for demanding electronic […]

    Wideband PCIe Receiver/DAQ Board

    An ultra-wideband 0.3 to 1.6 GHz PCIe-bus receiver board is able to continuously digitize the RF spectrum with a 3.2 GSPS 12-bit A/D that can be synchronized with stability of […]

    Rugged Rackmount Chassis

    MIL-rugged rackmount enclosures support deeper modules than the standard 160mm depth of OpenVPX. Many designers utilize OpenVPX or its general mechanicals for their designs. Combining advanced RF or other device […]

    Flexible Cables for Tight Spots

    Model FL086-3KM+ coaxial cable is a 3” long assembly with 2.92mm male coaxial connectors for high power, low-loss applications from DC to 40 GHz. Custom lengths are also available. The […]

    Power Divider

    A new resistive power divider features a 10W average power rating. Model 151-285-008 is a 50 ohm, 8-way power divider with a DC to 6 GHz frequency range. This unit […]