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GaN Solid State S-Band Power Amplifier

The company’s line of GaN amplifiers provide high gain, high efficiency, and excellent stability, with excellent AM/PM and phase-noise performance. One of the latest introductions is the VSS3607, an S-band solid state GaN power amplifier that features 1.3 kW pulsed modules that can be power combined for higher peak power output, internal BIT circuitry via […]

High Power, Rack Mounted, GaN RF Amplifier

Model number SSPA 0.050-6.000-100-RM is a high power, rack mounted, RF amplifier that operates from 50 to 6000 MHz minimum and is packaged in a rugged, rack mounted enclosure. This amplifier is in a 4u height, 19” rack. Typical output power at P3dB is greater than 100W from 50 to 5000 MHz, and 50W from […]

L- and S-Band Radio Frequency Power Amplifier Module

The NuPower™ 12A01A is the latest offering in the NuPower family of power amplifier products. The NuPower™ 12A01A is a highly linear L- and S-band power amplifier that provides 4W of linear RF power to boost performance of data links and transmitters. With a nominal input drive level of 0 dBm, the NuPower™ 12A01A offers […]

Wideband GaAs MMIC Distributed Amplifer

The ultrawideband DC to 22 GHz performance of the CMD240P4 distributed amplifier is accompanied by a low noise figure of 2.2 dB and +28 dBm IP3. The performance levels of this device make it well suited for an extremely wide range of applications, including electronic warfare, SIGINT, military radar, and instrumentation. The CMD240P4 also provides […]

Broadband Low Noise Amplifier

The MAAM-011229 is a broadband high dynamic range, single stage MMIC LNA assembled in a lead-free 2mm 8-Lead PDFN plastic package. The amplifier is internally matched to provide flat gain and excellent return losses to 3.25 GHz without any external matching components. Use of external matching could extend usable frequency range beyond 4 GHz. This […]

Next Generation Composite Connectors

The next generation ACT composite connectors have been released within the DEUTSCH MIL-DTL-38999 series. The ACT series circular connectors are among the most versatile and popular circular mil spec input/output connectors in the world. These circular connectors offer composite shells providing up to 40 percent weight savings over aluminum connectors. The ACT series composite connectors […]

Ceramic Dual Low Pass Filter

Covering DC to 1000 MHz, the DLFCV-1000+ is a dual low pass filter that can also operate as a balanced input/output low pass filter in a 1210 package with LTCC construction. This filter has faster roll and offers low insertion loss, low VSWR, and high power handling (each filter can handle 8.5W power). Operating temperature […]

Dual-Channel Rotary Joint for X-Band Radar Systems

The latest addition to the company’s extensive range of microwave rotary joints is a device featuring two X-band channels, both of which can be used to either transmit or receive signals in radar systems for coastal/border surveillance or critical infrastructure protection. The new AMCORJD-ALT1 device enables microwave signals to be fed to or from a […]