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An RF Simulator for Enhanced Cascade System Analysis

by Dale D. Henkes, ACS Equation 1:  P1dB = 10*Log[(1/(P1dB_1*G2*G3) + 1/(P1dB_2*G3) + 1/(P1dB_3))^(-1)] In the design, development and production readiness qualification of RF products, the modern trend is tending to more collaboration between the “high level” systems people and the detailed circuit design engineer. Responsible for flowing down the product specifications to sub-system and […]

Automated Circuit Synthesis and Simulation in RF Design Software

by Dale D. Henkes, ACS The state of the art in RF circuit design today is greatly enhanced by a number of advanced computer aided engineering (CAE) software tools. Most of the RF CAE software packages currently on the market provide circuit simulation in the frequency or time domain or both.  Thus, the circuit simulator […]