Rugged I/O Interface System

Continuing to pioneer the use of embedded technologies in space, the company recently developed a modular I/O interface unit for the Israeli “Beresheet” lunar lander, which launched earlier this year. The rugged, space-qualified A445 IBOX was designed to coordinate communications between the vessel’s control computer, actuators, and sensors, as well as manage power for the […]

GPGPU Evaluation System

Offering the most advanced GPGPU-based supercomputing technologies, the company has released an NVIDIA Jetson Xavier-based evaluation system that comes preinstalled with Linux. The low-power EV178 gives embedded engineers a reliable platform to quickly develop artificial intelligence (AI) applications and port those solutions to the high-powered A178 Thunder, the company’s soon-to-be-released, NVIDIA Jetson Xavier-based, rugged, fanless […]

Rugged XMC

Using the powerful Radeon E8860 GPU, the rugged M596 embedded video and graphics XMC captures multiple video inputs and drives up to six simultaneous independent video outputs with full video switching capabilities. By pairing the E8860 GPU with additional on-board resources, such as an optional FPGA, the M596 delivers a much wider variety of video […]