New Power Supply Unit (PSU)

The P233, designed to meet the demands of highly integrated embedded systems, is a 3U VITA 62-compliant PSU that offers an output capacity of up to 500W, as well as a wide voltage input range of 18 to 32 VDC, and can be used in a range of VME, VPX, and CompactPCI systems. Two P233 […]

Space-Rated Enclosure

A cold plate cooled, space-rated enclosure for use in mission-critical space applications, the new 3-slot E905 provides maximum reliability and strength with minimal weight and power consumption. It is built on a 3U CompactPCI platform using machined aluminum and features a fully-customizable front panel. AITECH DEFENSE SYSTEMS (8)


As the heart of the company’s new rugged GPGPU sub-system computers, the C535 Typhoon is based on Jetson TX1 SoM, which combines a powerful ARM Quad-Core CPU with the advanced NVIDIA Maxwell GPU. This combination is ideal for unparalleled processing power in a single 3U VPX slot. With 60 GFLOPS/W performance, the new board offers […]

Modularity in New Rugged Compact PC Enhances Functionality in Low Power Embedded Systems

A new low profile rugged compact PC (RCP) provides exceptional design flexibility in a low power, high performance computing system. Developed around a standard Type 6 COM Express module, the A172 features an industry standard pinout and the ability to support multiple processor options for easy system integration as well as cost effective technology insertion […]