Low PIM N-Type Connectors

A new line of 18 GHz N-Type connectors are ideal for more rugged, outdoor applications that require low PIM performance. The reliable medium-sized connector features the familiar threaded coupling mechanism and provides engineers with a durable, weatherproof interconnect solution with excellent low PIM performance. They will offer greater design opportunities with a robust and familiar […]

Growing Need for RF Technology in Smart Agriculture Applications

Amphenol RF releases Smart Agriculture Solutions Guide designed to aid in the interconnect selection process and highlight sealed solutions for smart ag applications. Amphenol RF is excited to introduce the Smart Agriculture Solutions Guide, a digital short-form catalog designed to streamline the interconnect selection process within the Smart Ag vertical. This comprehensive guide provides customers […]

SMP Product Series Expanded

The high-frequency, subminiature board-to-board SMP product line has been expanded to include several new bullet adapters and a straight cable plug. This connector series is designed for blind mate applications with a variety of board spacing and package size requirements. The series operates at DC to 26.5 GHz. AMPHENOL RF (49)

SMA Quick-Connect Adapter

The new SMA Quick-Connect adapter, a straight jack to straight plug configuration, is a precision machined 50 ohm adapter that allows for quick and easy mating with all existing threaded SMA jack and plug connectors. It easily converts any standard SMA Plug test cable into a Quick-Connect cable without compromising the electrical integrity of the […]


Amphenol RF releases the Smart Cities Solutions Guide, the first in a series of solutions guides geared at helping engineers find interconnect solutions for various IoT applications. Amphenol RF is pleased to introduce the Smart Cities Solutions Guide, a digital short-form catalog designed to streamline the interconnect selection process within the Smart City vertical. This […]

Micro-Miniature AMC4 Connectors

The small form factor AMC4 connector has been launched as part of an SMA cable assembly line. This assembly features the popular SMA bulkhead jack connector and the new AMC4 plug connector on 1.13mm cable. This assembly is ideal for IoT applications which require space efficient, economical designs. AMPHENOL RF (7)

Expanded 12G Product Line

Additional HD-BNC jacks have been added to the company’s extensive line of 12G products. They include PCB and cable mount products in the straight configuration. These 75 ohm 12G-SDI connectors are designed to perform at frequencies up to 18 GHz with the familiar BNC bayonet coupling mechanism. AMPHENOL RF (8)

HD-EFI Adapters

The company has expanded its HD-EFI product line to include adapters. These HD-EFI to SMA adapters offer additional convenience for customers, allowing them to seamlessly transition to this 50 ohm micro-miniature interface. Available in smooth bore and limited detent jack, and straight plug configurations.  AMPHENOL RF (116)