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New 2×2 MIMO Software for MT8862A

Now available, 2×2 MIMO Measurement Software extends the measurement capability of the Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A. With the software installed, the MT8862A is the world’s first solution that supports output signal quality, transmit power, receiver sensitivity, and 2×2 MIMO measurements on IEEE802.11ac WLAN equipment under actual operating conditions for greater design confidence. ANRITSU COMPANY […]

Enhanced Network Master™ Tester

The company has enhanced its Network Master Pro MT1000A to support 100 Gbps with Ethernet Common Public Radio Interface (eCPRI) and IEEE 1914.3 Radio over Ethernet (RoE), as well as high-accuracy delay measurement functions. With the new firmware installed, the MT1000A can be used by mobile operators, communication network installation companies, and communications equipment vendors […]

Signal Analyzer MS2850 Software

Specifically developed for the design and manufacture of 5G NR radio equipment, the new software options for the MS2850A support analyses of both uplink and downlink signals used by the sub-6 GHz frequencies as well as mmWave bands, such as 28 and 39 GHz, in the 5G NR standard. With the software installed, the MS2850A […]

Signalling Tester Software Options

Two Gigabit LTE software options have been introduced for the Signalling Tester MD8430A to support the increased communications speeds associated with LTE-Advanced Pro (LTE-A Pro). The LTE DL 6 Carrier Aggregation Option and the LTE UL 256QAM Option extend the measurement capability of the MD8430A and provide engineers with a comprehensive test solution to accurately […]

Three Software Packages for Test Set

Three software packages have been introduced for the Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A that create the industry’s first turnkey solution for production-line testing of IEEE 802.11ax standard-compliant devices. The new packages support WLAN 802.11ax Tx measurements and WLAN 802.11ax waveform files for evaluating IEEE 802.11ax devices, and feature a Full Automatic Measurement Program that eliminates […]

Upgraded Universal Wireless Test Set

Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) software has been introduced for the Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A that expands the measurement functionality of the single-instrument solution to meet the growth in NB-IoT device development and manufacture. The NB-IoT Uplink Tx Measurement MX887067A software and NB-IoT Downlink Waveforms MV887067A package support 3GPP RF measurement tests for NB-IoT chipsets, modules, and […]

Expanded Measurement Capability

The measurement capability of the Radio Communications Analyzer MT8821C has been expanded with the release of LTE-Advanced software solutions. With the two software options installed, the MT8821C can test RF TRx characteristics for 6 component carriers (6CC) CA. The software enhancements have been developed to provide engineers with a single-instrument solution to verify LTE/LTE-Advanced/LTE Advanced […]

New Functions Added to Signalling Tester

Software options have been introduced for the Signalling Tester MD8430A that expand the LTE-Advanced Pro (LTE-A Pro) testing functions of the base station simulator. With the new options, the MD8430A supports Gigabit LTE and Cellular IoT scenarios to create a comprehensive test solution that can efficiently verify LTE-A Pro-compliant chipsets and wireless devices. ANRITSU COMPANY […]

VFTT – Anritsu Company

Donn Mulder, Sr. VP and General Manager, Anritsu Company MPD: Millimeter wave frequencies will be used for cellular communications for the first time in 5G. What challenges and opportunities does this present for the microwave industry? DM: Millimeter wave communications present a whole set of challenges for the industry in terms of transmission range, cost, power consumption […]

Signaling OTA Testing 

In partnership with ETS-Lindgren, the company has announced groundbreaking support of IEEE 802.11 ac/n/a/g/b Over-the-Air (OTA) testing with an enhanced solution that integrates the Anritsu Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A with the CTIA-compliant ETS-Lindgren EMQuest™ EMQ-100 Antenna Measurement Software. The accurate and flexible turnkey solution now supports 802.11 ac/n/a/g/b WLAN standards, providing device developers and […]