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New Software for Handheld Analyzers

OBSAI RF Analyzer software expands the measurement capability of the company’s handheld analyzers. With the software installed in the handheld analyzers, wireless carrier engineers, technicians, and contractors responsible for solving interference and PIM issues can identify interference sources via radio uplink from the ground. ANRITSU COMPANY (38)

VectorStar® VNA Enhancements

The Universal Fixture Extraction (UFX) option for the VectorStar VNA provides signal integrity and on-wafer engineers with an increased range of on-wafer and fixture calibration choices, even when a full set of calibration standards is not available. Developed to address the design challenges associated with the high-frequency, high data rate requirements of 4G and emerging […]

High-Performance Signal Analyzer

The Signal Analyzer MS2850A can cost efficiently and accurately evaluate 5G signals with the 800 MHz modulation bandwidth (8 x 100 MHz channels) associated with 5G designs. With analysis bandwidth up to 1 GHz, excellent dynamic range, and high flatness performance, it is a valuable tool for wireless equipment manufacturers and mobile operators. ANRITSU COMPANY […]

CTIA Battery Life Test Capability

The company expands its broad mobile device test portfolio with the introduction of CTIA battery life test capability for its Signaling Tester MD8475B. Also available on the Signaling Tester MD8475A, the CTIA battery life support, along with the SmartStudio Manager interface, allows engineers to conduct battery life tests on mobile devices in accordance with the […]

Anritsu First Test Company to Earn GCF Approval for More than 80% of Cat-M1 Test Cases

Anritsu Company announces that it is the first test company to earn GCF approval for more than 80% of Cat-M1 RF conformance test cases for frequencies used in Japan, North America, and Europe. The test cases can be integrated into the LTE-Advanced RF Conformance Test System ME7873LA, and re-affirm Anritsu’s LTE test leadership by creating […]

Non-Cellular IoT Device Growth Changing WLAN Test Requirements

by Brian Davis, Field Applications Engineer, Anritsu Company Non-cellular IoT devices are expected to experience such strong growth that they will exceed the number of mobile phones in 1-2 years. In fact, of the 29 billion connected devices forecasted by 2022 (according to a recently published market report by Ericsson), 14.2 billion of them will […]

Measurement Solution

A Network Mode is now available for the Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A, which is an instrument capable of supporting various WLAN protocol standards such as IEEE802.11ac/n/a/g/b. This makes the unit the industry’s first solution capable of measuring the performance of an 802.11ac-capable WLAN device under test in the actual operating state. ANRITSU COMPANY (110)

Expanded Handheld Analyzer Portfolio

To address the emerging requirements associated with testing high-speed LTE base stations, the company has enhanced its CPRI RF field handheld analyzer portfolio. Among these enhancements are the ability to display four unique AxC traces, as well as support for CPRI Line Rate 8 and 20 MHz compression. Available on select Site Master™, BTS Master™, […]

Ultraportable USB-Powered Spectrum Analyzer Revolutionizes mmWave Testing

by Russel Lindsay – Anritsu Company The explosion in data-intensive, high-speed services has created a mini-revolution within the wireless industry. Commercial applications are no longer the sole domain of the RF and microwave spectrums. As the industry prepares (i.e. designs) for a new generation of commercial wireless that includes 5G, automotive radar, 60 GHz WiFi […]

New Test Solution Software

New software has been introduced for the Radio Communications Analyzer MT8821C that creates the industry’s first test solution that supports evaluation of 4×4 MIMO 256QAM RF Rx performance for all DC 3CC CA band combinations with no restrictions on frequency and signal bandwidth combinations. The new software provides wireless chipset and UE manufacturers, as well […]