Broadband Directional Antennas for DAS

The company has launched a new division, SunAR RF Motion, that can now provide Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), globally, for the ever-growing demand for access to wireless communication systems. Examples of DAS locations include hospitals, office buildings, stadiums, and subway systems. AR RF/MICROWAVE INSTRUMENTATION (10)

State-of-the-Art Solid State Field Generating Systems

A line of state-of-the-art solid state field generating systems has been introduced for numerous markets and applications. These products now offer a very attractive alternative to using TWTAs driving separate antennas to generate field strength up to 50 V/m. Performance characteristics of this magnitude (both in frequency and output power) were previously dominated by low […]

Wideband “U” Series Amplifiers

This new family of RF solid state Class A power amplifiers cover such a wide bandwidth that the applications are almost limitless. These compact and moderately priced instruments instantaneously cover 10 kHz to 1000 MHz with a single band amplifier, ideal for EMC, lab testing, antenna & component testing, and more. AR RF/MICROWAVE INSTRUMENTATION (18)

Single Band Amplifiers

The new 20S6G18A and 40S6G18B are self-contained, air-cooled, broadband (6 to 18 GHz), Class A solid-state amplifiers designed for applications where instantaneous bandwidth, high gain and linearity are required. Model 20S6G18A, when used with a sweep generator, will provide a minimum of 20W of RF output power instantaneously from 6 to 18 GHz, while the […]

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation is Looking for a Technical Sales Manager

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation, world leader in the design and manufacture of high power broadband amplifiers, is seeking a Regional Sales Manager responsible for managing AR’s sales territories in North America, participate in shows, visit customers & perform hardware demos. A proven strong sales background with EMC and RF experience required. Candidate must have a track […]

AR/RF Microwave Instrumentation Receives Accreditation From A2LA

AR RF Microwave Instrumentation is pleased to announce that its calibration lab has achieved accreditation to ISO 17025:2005 by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). This important certification is the result of a thorough assessment and extensive review of AR’s quality management system and its competence to perform calibrations on many AR-designed and manufactured […]

Benchtop Power Amplifiers

Up to 500W of linear output power is provided over the 0.7 to 6 GHz instantaneous frequency band in one benchtop amplifier housing when driven with a signal generator output of 0 dBm. Class A designs can be provided when linearity and ∞:1 output protection are required, or in Class AB configurations when lower cost […]

Single Band Amplifier

Model 500S1G6 is a 500W CW solid-state amplifier that has 57 dB gain, delivers 100% rated output power without foldback over the instantaneous 0.7 to 6 GHz band and can survive ∞:1 output VSWR. Applications include radiated susceptibility testing, EW jammers, and wireless system and device stress screening tests. AR RF/MICROWAVE INSTRUMENTATION (23)

AR Expands Its Product Line With New Division

SunAR RF Motion, formerly Sunol Sciences Corporation, offers equipment for EMC test, OTA test and communication industries. AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation is expanding its product line with the addition of its new division, SunAR RF Motion. While new to the AR family, the SunAR RF Motion products are familiar to many professionals in the EMC and […]