Ruggedized Satellite Simulator System

Comprised of two units, this new Satellite Simulator (RSS Series) is portable, facilitating the testing and calibration of terminals off-satellite. The base control unit is a weatherized, portable instrument with the capability of both local and remote, Ethernet control, and is connected to a mast mounted transponder via a power and data cable. The system […]

Satcom Divider Trays

The new SDT range of divider trays are an easy solution for satellite communications ground stations, where there is a need to divide an uplink, downlink, or L-band signal for distribution to multiple feeds. In the past, this has often been achieved by attaching coaxial power dividers to the rack system cabling. The SDT solution […]

MSS Systems

The new Multi-Path Satellite Simulator System (MSS Series) is designed to “talk” to two ground-based or mobile SATCOM stations simultaneously, thereby replicating the satellite link for test purposes, while remaining off-air. Each system consists of three parts, a base control unit and two weatherproof transponders, each of which can be orientated to connect with a […]

Multiple Frequency Comb Generator

This new multiple frequency comb generator, supplied in a 3 unit high bench top case, is designed for use in up to the minute particle physics and material science research. The input signal is amplified to provide power to a comb generator. Frequencies are selected by a switched filter bank. Signal control for AM modulation […]

New Connector Options

An expanded range of cable connector options for the company’s standard cable assembly range has been launched. They include SMA Male Straight, SMA Male R/A, SMA Female Bulkhead, Type N Male Straight, N Male R/A, and N Female Bulkhead. They can be applied to the ASR, ASF, and AFX cable series. ATLANTEC RF (11)

Dual Channel Loop Test Translator

This new Ka-band version of the company’s dual channel loop test translator has the ability to introduce different transfer characteristics in each channel. It addresses the 30 GHz uplink and 20 GHz downlink market. It also enables users to simultaneously test the Tx-L and L-Rx loops. ATLANTEC RF (10)

Ka-Band Loop Test Translator

The ALR series of Ka-band loop test translators with Ethernet control address the 27 GHz uplink market and feature Synthesized Variable Frequency Local Oscillators (LOs) to provide the user with the most versatile and comprehensive operating configurations for translation of uplink (Tx) frequencies to either downlink (Rx) frequencies or to L-band, and for L-band to […]

Ultra Broadband Amplifier

Model BBA-0005-20000 is an ultra broadband amplifier that covers the 50 MHz to 20 GHz frequency range in a single unit. This 25 dB gain block delivers up to 18 dB at 1 dB compression and yet has a typical noise figure of just 1.8 dB, thereby making it an all-round, general purpose amplifier with […]

Ultra Broadband Digital Attenuator

Model ADA-500-2000-60/0.5 is an ultra broadband digitally controlled PIN attenuator. It covers the whole frequency range from 500 MHz to 20 GHz and provides a minimum attenuation range of 60 dB in 0.5 dB steps with TTL control of 7 bits. Switching time is less than 200 nanoseconds. ATLANTEC RF (106)

Drone Payload Satellite Simulator

The lightweight, rugged and compact Drone Payload Satellite Simulator provides a transmit (Tx) to receive (Rx) loop-back in testing mostly compact and mobile satellite communications systems in situ and without the need for connection via cables. With a fixed local oscillator frequency and pre-adjusted conversion gain, the drone-borne satellite simulator carries out a dedicated and […]