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View From the Top – AWR Group, NI

by, David Vye, Director of Technical Marketing AWR Group, NI MPD: If your company serves the defense market, which application or applications do you believe will be the most lucrative from an RF and microwave standpoint in the coming year? DV: National Instruments, specifically from the standpoint of our NI AWR software product portfolio, has […]

User Focus: Enhancing Productivity for RF/Microwave Design

by Sherry Hess, VP of Marketing – AWR Group, NI Electronic design automation (EDA) tools help engineers bring their high-tech products to market.  And in this day and age, as our infatuation with all things wireless continues to grow, so too must EDA solutions.  With this principle in mind, NI AWR Design Environment™ software has […]

An Integrated Framework for Complex Radar System Design

by NI/AWR Modern radar systems are complex and depend heavily on advanced signal processing algorithms to improve the detection performance of the radar. At the same time, the radio front end must meet specifications that are often a combination of available devices, implementation technologies, regulatory constraints, requirements from the system, and signal processing. This application […]

Nonlinear Circuit Analysis in Time and Frequency Domain Example: The Forced Van-der-Pol Oscillator

by José Luis Flores, on behalf of AWR Group, NI This application note introduces the technique known as auxiliary generator (AG). It is very useful for broadening the set of solutions that can be reproduced from a harmonic-balance (HB) analysis and can help study their stability properties in order to optimize a nonlinear circuit for […]

Evolving at the Speed of Software

Sherry Hess, VP of Marketing, AWR Group, NI Thank you, Dr. Joe Salvo of GE Global Research and the founder and director of the Industrial Internet Consortium for sharing this tagline with me. At NIWeek 2014, Dr. Salvo took the keynote stage to comment on the Industrial Internet in the “systems age,” which has superseded […]

AWR Connected Integrates AWR and Third-Party Tools for Enhanced Design Flows and User Efficiencies

by Sherry Hess, Vice-president of Marketing, AWR Group, NI Today’s microwave/RF designs require the use of a variety of software tools and test and measurement (T&M) hardware to ensure the final product meets stringent size, operating, and performance specifications. While EDA vendors strive to put forth a complete, integrated package of tools for end-to-end design, […]