RF/Microwave Signal Generators

The Model 855B Series 2-channel, 4-channel, and 8-channel RF/Microwave signal generators are multi-channel signal sources that expand testing capability by enabling multiplexing, increasing data throughput, and improving signal-to-noise ratios. The phase relationship of each channel is extremely significant, and the company claims industry-leading phase coherence and phase memory stability between channels with this most recent […]

Synthsized Signal Generator

The Model 845-OEM series is an easy to implement test equipment solution designed to fulfill signal generation needs. With a wide frequency range of 100 kHz to 26.5 GHz, the series provides the highest output power, lowest harmonic levels, and broadest frequency range amongst similar products. BERKELEY NUCLEONICS CORP. (15)

Microwave Signal Generators

The Model 845 Series is a series of low-noise and fast-switching microwave signal generators covering continuous frequency ranges from as low as 100 kHz up to 12, 20, and 26.5 GHz. The 845 Series provides an accurately leveled output power range and high spurious suppression. Advanced frequency synthesis with fractional-N divider makes for low SSB […]