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High-Temperature Resettable Fuses

New AEC-Q200 certified high-temperature Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC) fuses have been added to the Multifuse® product line. Offered in 1206 and 1210 surface mount packages, their operating temperatures go up to 125ºC.  These miniature packaged units provide reliable thermal protection. BOURNS, INC. (7)

Sulfur-Resistant Fixed Resistor Products

Eight thick film precision chip resistors designed to operate in harsh environments where there are high levels of sulfur contamination have been introduced. They enable industrial, IT and telecom developers to boost reliability for applications operating in these environments, as they have increased product lifespan over standard devices. BOURNS (19)

Bidirectional Thyristor Surge Protectors

The company’s latest thyristor surge device provides optimal 2-point protection for transformer windings, low voltage electronics and digital telecommunication lines. Model TISP4011H1BJ features very low V(bo) breakover voltage of 10.5V, which allows designers to protect lines of working voltages up to 5.25V. BOURNS (14)

Sulfur-Resistant Fixed Resistor Products

The Model CRT-AS Sulfur-Resistant series of thin film precision chip resistors were designed specifically to operate in harsh environments exposed to high levels of sulfur contamination. They are available in four different footprints from 0402 up to 1206. BOURNS (24)