Johnson™ Precision Torque Wrenches

New Johnson precision torque wrenches for 1.85mm, 2.4mm, 2.92mm, 3.5mm, and SMA stainless steel and brass connectors are used to properly install and remove RF connectors and components from RF devices and test equipment. They are offered at torque ratings to 8 inch-pounds for stainless steel and 4 inch-pounds for brass connectors, with both rated […]

MIL-STD-1553 Twinax Cable Assemblies

New configurations of MIL-STD-1553 twinax cable assemblies were designed for military and commercial aerospace, ground vehicles, weapon systems, and space applications. The company is adding a variety of “on-the-shelf” fixed length Trompeter MIL-STD-1553 cable assemblies, ranging from one to ten feet, and available with popular M17/176-0002 twinax cable. These cable assemblies are terminated with the […]

Fibreco® S-Lite™ Connector Series

The Fibreco S-Lite Expanded Beam connector is designed as a cost effective, high performance, and reliable expanded beam solution for use in rugged and harsh environment applications, including outside broadcast, renewable energy, and various military applications. The S-Lite design is based on the Fibreco Senior expanded beam connector. The S-Lite is available in two to […]

CIN::APSE® Stacking Connectors

CIN::APSE solderless, high density, stacking interconnects are used for board to board, flex to board, and component to board applications. They are found in applications where a mezzanine style PCB layout is utilized to reduce space and weight. Its 1.0mm pitch accommodates high density circuits between boards. The CIN::APSE mechanical contacts are durable for applications […]

Coax to Triax Adapters

The Trompeter adapter family has been expanded, supporting the interface of coax systems to triax cable interconnects. When it comes to connecting these two types of interfaces, these adapters offer the best and most compact solutions. They are configurable to best support customers’ application requirements. CINCH CONNECTIVITY SOLUTIONS (37)

Johnson SMPM Series Expanded

Additional board mount and cabled SMPM connectors have joined the Johnson product line. The Johnson SMPM Series is designed for very high frequency applications where minimum space and package density are required. These connectors are 30% smaller than standard SMP connectors, and offer operational frequency from DC to 65 GHz. They also offer high electrical […]