Low-profile Common Mode Choke

The 1812CAN Series common mode chokes provide noise suppression on CAN (1 Mbps) or CAN FD (5 Mbps) data lines in automotive and industrial automation applications. CAN common mode chokes are the most commonly-used filter component to attenuate common mode noise at the CAN bus transceiver’s output. Measuring just 4.95 x 3.18 x 3.0mm, the […]

Ultra Low-Loss Power Inductors

The XEL50xx family of high performance, molded power inductors offer exceptionally low DC resistance and ultra low AC losses, greatly improving power converter efficiency at high frequencies (2 to 5+ MHz) and high ripple current. They measure just 5.28 x 5.48mm with a maximum height of 3.2mm. COILCRAFT (8)

High-Voltage Coupled Inductors

The LPD8035V Series of miniature, high-voltage 1:1 coupled inductors provides 1500 Vrms, one-minute isolation (hipot) between windings from a package that measures just 7.92 x 6.4 x 3.5mm, providing users with significant size and cost reductions over conventional bobbin-wound alternatives.    COILCRAFT (16)

Ceramic Chip Inductors

The 0402DC Series of ceramic wirewound chip inductors offer the industry’s highest Q factors in an 0402 (1005) size – up to 162 at 2.4 GHz – for super low loss in high frequency circuits. It is offered in 26 standard inductance values ranging from 3.0 to 120 nH. An additional 73 values are available […]

Coilcraft’s New Power Inductor Selection Tool Provides Significantly More Performance Data

Coilcraft has launched a new suite of Power Inductor Selection Tools that allows users to easily select the appropriate path for their particular search while also providing more application-specific performance data than previously available on any industry site. XEL60xxLen Crane, Coilcraft’s Director of Technical Marketing, will be previewing the tool this week at the Applied […]

Modelithics and Coilcraft Collaborate to Offer New Microwave Global Models™ for High Frequency Conical Inductor Series

Modelithics, Inc. and Coilcraft Inc. have teamed to develop two new Microwave Global Models™ for the Coilcraft BCL and BCR RF and microwave inductor families. Modelithics Microwave Global Models are high-accuracy equivalent circuit models that cover an entire component series within a single model. These powerful models, unique to Modelithics, feature substrate, pad and part […]