Ultra Low-Loss Power Inductors

The XEL50xx family of high performance, molded power inductors offer exceptionally low DC resistance and ultra low AC losses, greatly improving power converter efficiency at high frequencies (2 to 5+ MHz) and high ripple current. They measure just 5.28 x 5.48mm with a maximum height of 3.2mm. COILCRAFT (5)

High-Voltage Coupled Inductors

The LPD8035V Series of miniature, high-voltage 1:1 coupled inductors provides 1500 Vrms, one-minute isolation (hipot) between windings from a package that measures just 7.92 x 6.4 x 3.5mm, providing users with significant size and cost reductions over conventional bobbin-wound alternatives.    COILCRAFT (7)

Ceramic Chip Inductors

The 0402DC Series of ceramic wirewound chip inductors offer the industry’s highest Q factors in an 0402 (1005) size – up to 162 at 2.4 GHz – for super low loss in high frequency circuits. It is offered in 26 standard inductance values ranging from 3.0 to 120 nH. An additional 73 values are available […]

Current Sense Transformers

The CST2020 Series of current sense transformers sense current up to 40A over a frequency range of 400 Hz to 1 MHz, and offer 4000 Vrms isolation voltage between the sense and output windings. They provide reinforced insulation per UL 60950-1. They provide output feedback for load current measurement and control in switching power supplies […]

Two New Power Inductors

The XTL7030 Series features side metal terminations for automated optical inspection (AOI) of the component during the solder reflow process. It offers inductance values from 10 to 47 µH, and measures just 7.1mm square, with a maximum height of 3.2mm. The XAR7030 Series marks the first time raised inductors are available as standard, off-the-shelf products. […]

Ceramic Chip Inductors

The new 0805HP Series ceramic wirewound chip inductors offer the industry’s highest Q factors in an 0805 size at frequencies up to 3 GHz. It is available with 23 inductance values ranging from 2.6 to 820 nH, with 2% tolerance available for most values. It is ideal for high current applications. COILCRAFT (16)

Wirewound Chip Inductors

The 0201HL Series of chip inductors is available in seven inductance values ranging from 22 to 51 nH, the highest currently offered in a wirewound 0201 package. This inductance range is fully optimized for impedance matching in 700 MHz LTE and 5G applications. The new series also provides the highest Q factors currently available in […]

Automotive-Grade Power Inductors

The new SRT8045 Series of magnetically shielded power inductors offers superior performance and a smaller package than previous-generation products. Measuring just 8.0 x 8.4 x 4.5mm, the highly cost-effective SRT8045 has saturation current ratings up to 17.4A and DC resistance as low as 7.7 mohms, allowing users to dramatically reduce inductor size while maintaining excellent […]

Chip Inductors

Developed for use in mobile devices and cellular infrastructure equipment, the new 0402DF Series chip inductors offer higher inductance values and significantly lower DC resistance than other 0402-sized inductors, making them ideal for RF choke and filtering applications. Offered in 25 inductance values. COILCRAFT (26)