Two-Port Vector Network Analyzer

The S5180 vector network analyzer (VNA) delivers lab grade performance in a compact package. This portable 3.8 kg/134 oz. VNA can be battery powered and used in the field, in the lab, and in production testing. It can be integrated into a production test system via Manufacturing Test plug-in. This VNA includes an RF measurement […]

Frequency Banded Solutions for VNA Millimeter-wave Measurement

by Brian Walker, Senior RF Design Engineer, Copper Mountain Technologies As Radio Frequency (RF) technology evolves, frequencies of operation climb to accommodate wider data bandwidths for communications and greater spatial accuracy for radar applications. 5G networks will use millimeter-wave frequencies from 24 to 28 GHz, 37 to 40 GHz, and 64 to 71 GHz. Automotive […]

IoTest™ Kit for Testing Antennas for IoT

Together with PulseLarsen Antennas, the company has released the new IoTest kit to accelerate the process of embedding antennas in an IoT device and evaluate in minutes if the antenna selection is suitable for the application. The kit includes easy-to-use purpose-built antenna testing software with help and educational materials, and a full line of IoT […]

Dielectric Property Measurement Solution

In partnership with Compass Technology Group, the company has released the Epsilometer solution for measuring the dielectric properties of materials. This solution measures dielectric substrate materials at frequencies from 3 MHz up to 6 GHz and can accommodate sheet specimens 0.3 to 3mm thick. COPPER MOUNTAIN TECHNOLOGIES (26)

Vector Network Analyzer

The C2209 2-port analyzer operates in the frequency range of 100 kHz to 9 GHz, offers a typical dynamic range of 162 dB (1 Hz IF BW), and sweep speeds as low as 10 microseconds per point. C2209 offers Direct Receiver Access for special applications involving external directional coupling, including load pull and high-power measurements. […]

Connecting RF Test and Measurement Equipment to an Antenna Under Test

by Clayton Karmel, Principal, Pdicta Corp & Ben Maxson, Director, Services and Support, Copper Mountain Technologies (All images are at end of article) Connecting RF test and measurement equipment to an Antenna Under Test (AUT) usually involves tradeoffs among measurement accuracy, electrical considerations, cost, and mechanical ruggedness. In this article, we describe some aspects of […]

Windows PC’s Remain the Workhorses of RF Testing, For Now…

by Ben Maxson, Engineering Manager – Copper Mountain Technologies For decades now, RF and Microwave test instrument manufacturers and test engineers have been designing their lab test equipment and systems around Windows PCs. Lately Linux has emerged as a plausible alternative. So are Windows-centric instruments on their way out? The advantages of using Windows PCs are numerous. For […]