Low Noise Amplifier

The CMD309P4 is a broadband MMIC low noise amplifier housed in a leadless 4x4mm plastic surface mount package. Covering 5 to 11 GHz, the unit is ideally suited for microwave radios and C- and X-band applications where high gain, low noise figure, and low power consumption are needed. CUSTOM MMIC (28)

GaAs Low Noise and Distributed Amplifiers

Two new Ka-band amplifier MMICs have been added to the company’s growing portfolio of higher frequency packaged products. Both the CMD242K4 (distributed amplifier, pictured above) and CMD299K4 (low noise amplifier) operate up to 40 GHz while being packaged in a small 4x4mm air-cavity QFN plastic package designed for surface mount applications. This new “K” series […]

Distributed Amplifiers

by Christopher Gregoire, Lead Applications Engineer, Custom MMIC The distributed, or wideband, amplifier is a unique circuit in the field of high frequency microwave engineering. Its architecture can often be misunderstood, however, and this confusion can sometimes result in a non-optimal use of the amplifier. In this note, we will explain the inner workings of […]

Verification of Thermal Simulations of GaAs FETs using Liquid Crystal Measurements

by Emma Fournier, Custom MMIC Design Services One underappreciated aspect of integrated circuit design is the temperature rise within a transistor under bias. In field effect transistors (FETs), this temperature rise is most pronounced near the junction of the gate and the channel, and the maximum temperature is directly related to the overall reliability of […]

Distributed Driver Amplifier MMIC

The CMD304 is an ultra-wideband GaAs MMIC distributed driver amplifier die which operates from DC to 67 GHz. The amplifier delivers 9.5 dB of gain with a corresponding noise figure of 3 dB and output 1 dB compression point of +11 dBm at 30 GHz. The CMD304 is a 50 ohm matched design which eliminates […]

Wideband Distributed Driver Amplifier

The CMD292, an ultra-wideband 0.5W GaAs distributed driver amplifier, delivers 13 dB of gain with a corresponding output 1 dB compression point of +27 dBm and output IP3 of +33 dBm at 15 GHz. It features a positive gain slope over frequency, easing broadband designs when flat gain profile is desired.   CUSTOM MMIC (15)

After Releasing 30 New Products in 2018, Custom MMIC’s Product Portfolio Now Includes Over 150 MMICs

CCustom MMIC (www.custommmic.com), a leading developer of high-performance monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs), has announced that their catalog of standardized GaAs and GaN designs has reached over 150 devices, with 30 new products added in 2018. New MMICs released in 2018, covering up to 45GHz, include: ·       5 GaN & 3 GaAs Low Noise Amplifiers ·       3 Driver Amplifiers ·       1 […]

Wideband Driver Amplifier MMIC

The CMD291 is a wideband GaAs MMIC driver amplifier die that operates from 16 to 24 GHz. It delivers 22.5 dB of gain with a corresponding output 1 dB compression point of +26 dBm and output IP3 of 32.5 dBm at 20 GHz. The broadband device is ideally suited for applications requiring high dynamic range.  […]