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VFTT – dB Control

by Mike England, President, dB Control MPD: If you sell to the defense sector, what do you believe are the major challenges for RF and microwave technology in serving DoD’s needs? ME: As the Department of Defense (DoD) restructures electronic warfare (EW) efforts, RF and microwave engineers must continue to ensure amplifiers evolve to become […]

Pulsed Microwave Power Module

This compact, lightweight, pulsed microwave power module (MPM) operates in the 6 to 18 GHz frequency range and provides 1 kW peak power at 5% maximum duty cycle. The dB-3774B was designed for high-performance electronic warfare (EW) applications like radar jamming, and features a conduction-cooled mini traveling wave tube (TWT) for power amplification and a […]

Millimeter-Wave Technology for Defense Applications

by Mike Lee, Director of Sales and Marketing, dB Control There will always be emerging threats in the defense sector that require the innovation that millimeter-wave technology offers. Here’s a helpful Q&A primer on millimeter-wave products – including what specialized contract manufacturing and environmental testing can bring to the table.  Which defense applications need millimeter-wave […]

VFTT – dB Control

Jacob Thampan, Vice President of Engineering, dB Control  MPD: The 2019 defense budget is chock full of EW, radar, and other programs with lots of RF and microwave content, so, if your company serves the defense market, what are your thoughts about how this will affect your business in the coming years? JT: The size […]

VFTT – dB Control

Gary Spaulding, Chief Operating Officer, dB Control MPD: Millimeter wave frequencies will be used for cellular communications for the first time in 5G. What challenges and opportunities does this present for the microwave industry? GS: dB Control is closely watching the millimeter wave space — especially as it relates to wireless communication, radar and electronic warfare. We […]

dB Control – View From the Top

by Mike Lee, Director of Sales and Marketing – dB Control MPD: The defense market for RF and microwave components through subsystems appears to be more lucrative than in recent years, especially in the area of electronic warfare. If your company sells into the defense market, what are your thoughts about how it will perform in 2017? ML: […]

Two Techniques to Improve Spurious Levels in Pulsed RF Amplifiers

by Robert Richardson, Senior Engineer – dB Control Pulsed RF amplifiers are an integral part of many modern applications — including radar, electronic warfare (EW), medical imaging systems, and military communication. The accuracy of these systems relies on the fidelity of the pulsed RF signal. Specifically, a pulsed RF amplifier should behave as closely to […]

Meeting Stringent Specs with Defense Contract Manufacturing

by Steve Walley, Vice President of Business Development, dB Control Defense contractors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) must envision and bring to market new products that will help protect national security, as well as the military personnel who serve. One way to support this mission is to invest in a trusted contract manufacturer. Doing so […]