Xtreme Broadband Blocking Range

A range of broadband blocking components has been established under the Xtreme Broadband Blocking Components heading. Existing parts, like Opti-Cap, Milli-Cap, MLC Broadband Blocks and RF Blocking Networks, will be included, as well as new ones, such as the PX range for DC blocking applications up to 40 GHz. DLI/KNOWLES (31)

Branchline Couplers

New from the company this year are branchline couplers that offer equal power splitting with a 90º phase differential bandwidth of ~35% in C, X and Ku bands. Wideband directional couplers with 6 to 18 GHz of bandwidth and 10 dB and 20 dB coupling values available in both symmetrical and Levy versions. KNOWLES DLI […]

Highpass Filters

A new line of surface mount highpass filters feature 3 dB cutoffs ranging from 6 to 18 GHz. These high performance parts produce extremely wide bandwidth in a surface mount package with excellent match over the entire passband. These parts also share common sizes and land patterns, making these parts interchangeable on a patterned PCB. […]

Directional Couplers

This new series of directional couplers provides another example of how high permittivity, temperature stable materials can reduce size/weight and provide excellent performance repeatability. These small size directional couplers are manufactured using DLI’s precision Thin Film technology and offer a great option for microwave systems in commercial, military and space applications. Designed for a 50 […]